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Video from the conference: Beyond Borders, Migration and (In) Equality in Central Europe in Comparison

The Conference was organized by Multicultural Center Prague as part of the Migration to the Center Project and was held on January 23-24, 2014. The following topics were discussed at the event: labour migration, family renunciation, migrants’ human rights in the face of state security control, citizenship and the politics of belonging, and migrants’ access to health care. Video recordings from the conference are available for viewing.

Thursday: January 23
Discussion Panel 1:
Migration in Central Europe in Comparison: The Visegrad Group and Slovenia

Czech Republic. MKC Prague. People in Need.
[02:05] Anna Pokorná 
[09:00] Markéta Žižková 

Poland. Institute of Public Affairs
[16:15] Anna Pilat 
[22:53] Karolina Grot

Slovenia. Peace Institute.
[30:45] Aldo Milohnic 

[38:39] Admir Baltic.

Hungary. Center for Independent Journalism.
[45:52] Ilona Moricz.

[54:41] Anna B. Bodolai

Slovakia. Human Rights League.
[01:03:20] Zuzana Bargerová br/> [01:12:48] Zuzana Števulová
[01:16:42] Zuzana Bargerová

The Conference’s Patron’s Welcome Speech: Assistant Dean for Science and Research, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University Prague.
[01:18:22] Marek Skovajsa.

Thursday: January 23
Discussion Panel 2:
Human Rights in the Context of State Security and Migration Control

[01:58] Lorenzo Gabrielli (Pompeu Fabra University, Spain): Securitization of Migration and Human Rights: Frictions at the Southern European Borders.

[18:27] Nataša Hrnčárová (Trnava Univercity: Faculty of Law, Slovakia): Application of Fundamental Rights in the Assessment of Claims of Asylum.

[35:01] Tina Magazzini (University of Deusto in Bilbao: Human Rights Institute, Spain): Transnational Perspectives in European Identity Building: Roma Migration, Citizenship, and State Security in CEE Imagined Communities.

[52:52] Harald Christian Scheu (Charles University Prague: Faculty of Law, CZ): Citizenship, Migration and Anti-Discrimination Law.

[01:08:30] David Kryska (Office of the Public Defender of Rights, CZ): State Security and the Right to Fair Treatment in the Immigration and Civic Matters.

[01:24:35] Discussant: Azim Farhadi (Institute for Migration and Communication, Slovakia).

[01:29:42] Questions

Thursday: January 23
Discussion Panel 3:
Migrant Workers Inside and Outside of the Labor Code: A Case of the Electronics Industry

[03:20] Devi Sacchetto (University of Padova, Italy): Migrant Labor and Temporary Work Agencies in the Case of Foxconn in Czech Republic.

[19:00] Vladimir Dziak (IBM Czech Republic, Prague): Aspects of Economic Migration from the Business Perspective: The IBM Case Study.

[32:55] Malgorzata Maciejewska (University of Wroclaw: Faculty of Social Science, Poland): Working Abroad at Home: Women Workers‘ Resistance in Special Economic Zones in Poland.

[47:57] Discussant: Jan Drahokoupil (Europian Trade Union Institute, Brussels, Belgium)

[01:02:56] Questions

Thursday: January 23
Discussion Panel 4:

Workshop 1: Cooperation between the State and NGOs

[00:27] Elena Tulupova (Consortium of  Migrants Assisting NGOs in the Czech Republic).

[02:24] Eva Dohnalová (InBáze: Community Centre for Migrants in the Czech Republic).

Thursday: January 24
Discussion Panel 1:
Migration, Citizenship, and the Politics of Belonging

[02:20] Jeroen Doormernik (University of Amsterdam: Institute for Social Science Research): „Othering“ by Statistics: Paradoxical Outcomes of Benevolent Categorization.

[22:18] Ewa Slezak (Cracow University of Economics, Poland): The Belonging of Polish Qualified Medical Personnel Migrants in the UK.

[41:48] Apostolos Andikopoulos (University of Amsterdam: Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies): Marriage Migration and the European Periphery: Mobility, Family Life, and the EU Citizenship.

[59:40] Linda Sokačová (Counseling Center for Citizenship – Civil and Human Rights, Prague, CZ): Migrants` Attitudes Towards Naturalization in the Czech Republic and their Experience with Czech Citizenship Attainment.

[01:13:40] Petr Pelikán (Consulate of Sudan in Prague, CZ): Muslim Migrants, Culture, and Loyalty.

[01:26:32] Selma Muhic (Charles University Prague: Faculty of Humanities, CZ).

Thursday: January 24
Discussion Panel 2:
Migration and Health in Central Europe and European Union

[03:17] Verina Wild (Institute of Biomedical Ethics University of Zurich, Switzerland): Comparison of Healthcare Disparities in Relation to Migration and Ethnicity in the US and Europe: Systematic Literature Review.

[17:55] Daniela Pěničková (Multicultural Center Prague, CZ): Comparing the EU and US Southwest Migrant Health Care in Cultural Context.

[35:02] Helena Hnilicová (Charles University Prague: Institute of Public Health and Medical Law – 1st Faculty of Medicine, CZ): The Accessibility of Health Care by Migrants in the Czech Republic.

[49:27] Dušan Drbohlav a Dagmar Dzúrová (Charles University Prague: Faculty of Science, CZ): Migration-Related Health Inequalities: Interactions between Gender, Job, and Migrant Status among Ukrainian Migrants in the Czech Republic.

[01:03:33] Elena Tulupova (Charles University Prague: Institute of Public Health and Medical Law – 1st Faculty of Medicine, CZ): Challenges in Migrant Health Care from the Perspective of Czech NGOs.

[01:17:00] Discussant
Edit Szénássy (Charles University Prague: Institute of Ethnology, CZ). 

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