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For Authors

Dear authors and readers,

If you would like to be published at www.migraceonline.cz, please read the following information. The website features original articles as well as texts written for other media outlets. We will be grateful if you alert us to any interesting articles and/or research reports that are missing from our website.

Types of accepted texts
No publishing experience?
Selecting the right topic for your article
Text format and how to submit

We accept the following types of texts:


We prefer theoretical or empirical scholarly texts on topics related to migration, immigration policies and the living conditions of foreigners. However, texts should also be accessible to readers coming from a different field of expertise than the author's. We encourage you to take an innovative approach. Texts should not exceed 3,000 words. Please keep in mind that our readers (visitors of information and news Internet servers) prefer shorter and well-structured texts. With respect to more complex topics and texts based on extensive empirical research, it is possible to publish longer works based on mutual agreement. We do not subject texts to peer review.

Your text may be an abridged version of a more extensive study previously published elsewhere provided the original publisher is interested in cooperating with us and agrees with the online publication of the text. We will be happy to feature a link to the original text. This may be useful for scholars who would like to make their work available to a wider audience.

Apart from scholarly texts, we welcome other types of texts such as news articles, stories of foreigners, literary texts, etc. Articles may contain subjective views and opinions which, however, should be visibly differentiated from factual arguments (see "Commentaries" below).


We welcome interviews with foreigners, experts and interesting personalities in the field of migration. Interviews should be edited and clearly structured (divide individual sections using headings).


Commentaries are short texts (300 - 600 words, 1,000 words maximum) responding to recent developments in the field of migration and immigration policies, results of research or, in a more extensive manner, to already published commentaries or articles (it is also possible to directly comment on a specific text using the appropriate link on the website). Commentaries may sometimes be rather scholarly (see Oana Ciobanu's "British migration policy and activities of Romanian migrants in context"). It is not necessary for the editors of migraceonline.cz to agree with the views and opinions expressed in commentaries. However, we will not publish racist or other discriminatory commentaries.


This section contains reviews of new and older scholarly and popular social science literature dealing with migration, migration and integration policies and ethnicity as well as demographic developments, labour markets and social policies.

Research reports

Research reports, studies and theses are published in full, abridged or in the form of annotation. Help us keep our research database up to date. Findings of your research will be made available to other scholars as well as the general public and any future research can build on yours. By publishing research findings, you are also promoting your work and home institution.


This section contains projects implemented by NGOs in the Czech Republic as well as interesting and inspiring projects implemented abroad.

Bulletin board: press releases, information and articles published on different websites

This section of the website features press releases of various institutions and organisations active in the field of migration plus notices, news and links to articles on different websites. If you have any relevant information, please send it.

No publishing experience?

Our portal is designed primarily for experts but it is not exclusively for established authors. We offer a great opportunity for you to attempt writing a scholarly text without facing the risk of simplistic editorial intervention so common in the mass media.

The following recommendations will help you write your first scholarly text:

  1. Visit migraceonline.cz to read articles about topics that interest you. Then select articles that you also like for the way they are written and try to formulate why you like them and what makes them attractive. Have the articles and your notes on their quality on hand when sitting down to write your text.
  2. Choose a topic. Perhaps you liked something among the texts published at migraceonline.cz or elsewhere. Perhaps you know quite a lot about a particular topic and you would like to say something about it. Perhaps you have been asked to write a seminar paper and you are willing to devote more than just two evenings to the task. Your personal experience may also provide the impulse necessary to write an article. Last but not least, you can check out the current themes as selected by the editorial board of migraceonline.cz.
  3. Choose a genre. It is easier to start out with an article but if you already have thousands of words on paper and want to produce a scholarly text, go ahead.
  4. Start writing :)
  5. Ask someone to read your text. Feedback is important, especially if you have no experience with publishing. If there is no one around you to gauge the factual and formal quality of your text, send it to us and we will provide you with the necessary feedback.
  6. Edit your text based on the received feedback. Of course, you do not have to take all comments into account. However, those comments that you do not take into account should make you think and precisely formulate why you insist on your opinion. You can add this information to your text. Do not forget to print out the final version of your text and read it in peace after a few hours or a day.
  7. Write annotation. In order to make our website easy to navigate and to facilitate searching, we ask you to provide an unusually brief annotation (4 sentences maximum). The annotation must inform readers about your topic and main argument. The annotation will be displayed together with the title as a result of search in our textual database.
  8. Provide brief information about yourself not exceeding 3 sentences (what you do, where you work, what projects are you involved in or what have you published so far). If you want to make your email address available to the readers so that they can contact you, you may do so.
  9. Send the text to the editorial board. In some cases, you may expect to receive additional comments from the editors of migraceonline.cz. Do not be discouraged, however, and reserve some time for finalizing the text after submission.

Selecting the right topic for your article

Let yourself be inspired by published articles; your text can be a reaction to a specific article. We also welcome texts written by teams of authors.

The main page, bulletin board and media monitoring section contain information about latest events in the area of migration. If you have any additional information, please write at least a brief comment. Perhaps, you will start discussion and receive feedback regarding your arguments through an article written by a different author.

Since 2005, our editorial board regularly announces various themes. We welcome your contributions, especially if you have been following the given topic for some time. However, the specified themes may also inspire you to focus on a new topic.

Text format and submitting

Please email your text to rozvoj@mkc.cz in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF). Font: Times New Roman, 12 points; line spacing: 1.2; margins: 2.5 cm top and bottom, 3 cm left and right. Do not insert page numbers. When citing, include references in the text body if possible [e.g. (Castles 2003)]. Place footnotes at the bottom of each page. Do not forget to list bibliography at the end of your text. Please be consistent in your bibliography format, e.g. as follows:

?... jak předv?dal Gellner (2003) nebo tak? Renan (1882: 43)...?
??tuto ot?zku si polo?ilo mnoho autorů (Savage 2000; Scott 2005 a dal??).?

GELLNER, E. (2003 [1997]). Nacionalismus. Brno: Centrum pro studium demokracie a kultury.

MORGAN, P. (2004). From a Death to a View: The Hunt for the Welsh past in the Romantic Period. In: E. Hobsbawm and T. Ranger, ed.: The Invention of Tradition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Str. 43-101.

MUSTERD, S. (2003). ?Segregation and integration: A contested relationship.? Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 29 (4): 623-641.

BAR?A, P. , BAR?OV?, A. (2006): ?Česk? republika jako přistěhovaleck? země.? Policy Paper. Praha: ?stav mezin?rodn?ch vztahů. Dostupn? na http://www.iir.cz/display.asp?ida=138 [nav?t?veno dne 21. 2. 2006].

Also provide the following:
- Brief annotation
(4 sentences maximum) Annotation for "Ukrainian Labor Migrants - Visibility Through Stereotypes" by Olena Fedyuk:
The economic and social conditions in the sending society keep maintaining and reproducing high levels of migration from Ukraine. Using the example of a western Ukrainian town, Ivano-Frankivsk, the paper demonstrates how not only receiving but also sending societies shape their discourses on labour migrants without migrants' participation and that they do so in such a way that brings them benefits from the migration flow.
- Information about the author and email address, if you would like it to appear on the website (3 sentences maximum).

We will contact you as soon as possible after receiving your text. If it meets the publishing criteria and standards of migraceonline.cz and if it matches our editorial policy, we will contact you to discuss editing of the text and its subsequent publication.

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