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East European Migration is concerned with migration to, from or within Eastern Europe from an East European perspective both now and in the past. It is intended to be a counterweight to the dominance of Western interests in discussion of migration within Europe. Eastern Europe is considered as the entire area east of 1989 boundaries, and thus includes states that joined the EU on 1 May 2004 and the ?new? German L?nder, candidate states, those aspiring to be, and those further east.

Objectives of the list

The list?s purpose is to be a source of information and communication among researchers on East European migration. Members are asked to contribute announcements about publications (reports, journal articles, books), data sources, websites, immigration legislation that affects East Europeans, information from elsewhere in the world when it is particularly relevant, and about conferences, seminars. Members are particularly encouraged to contribute bibliographies of their own work and work that has been done in their own countries or their own fields of interest. These will be stored in the list?s Archive, which will become an online resource.

How to join

Individuals with a professional interest in migration who agree with the list?s purpose may join the list. These include, but are not limited to researchers in universities (including research students) and research institutes, think tanks and government, serious independent scholars (e.g. who publish and are active in research networks), and journalists with a special interest in migration. Membership is not limited to citizens or residents of East European states.

This is a closed list, members must be approved by the moderator. To join send a short introduction stating your interest in the group to

Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EastEuropeanMigration

The initiator and moderator of this list is Beryl Nicholson, who has researched and published on migration for many years, and for the past decade has had a particular interest in Albania.

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