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Labour Immigration Policy in a Country Known for Emigration: Poland's Policy towards Economic Immigration after EU Accession

21. 6. 14
Source: migrationonline.cz
Country: Poland
The study is searching for the answer to the question: What factors shape immigration control policy towards legal labour immigration, and how? In contrast to many studies, which deal with countries that have received great numbers of immigrant workers for many years, it examines the case of Poland - a country of net emigration, which is not very experienced with immigration issues, and where the topic has not been politicised yet. In taking this case under examination, the study was intended to throw a new light on the theories of immigration policy. The study focuses on the period between the access of Poland to the European Union and the middle of 2011.

The main finding is that the factors affecting Poland’s labour immigration policy were mainly the state of the economy, the volume and composition of economic immigration and finally (soft) security considerations. Only far behind these factors was the influence of foreign policy and the European Union. An additional but very important intervening determinant was the human factor. The research revealed that in the case of Poland, the labour immigration policy is partly shaped differently than is the case with Western European countries and the United States.

The Preface to the book and Chapter 5: Analysis of key factors for labour immigration policy are available in the For download section.

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Agnieszka Zogata-Kusz
Assistant professor at and the manager of the humanitarian and international social work study programme at the Department of Christian Social Work, Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology, Palacký University, Olomouc. Her academic interests focus on issues related to international migration, migration policies, ethnic minorities, and humanitarian aid.



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