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Slovenia is mainly an immigration country with high migration flows from the former Yugoslavian countries. Most immigration is temporary labour migration with majority of immigrant workers being male employed in construction and manufacturing. However, Slovenia is gradually restricting the access of immigrants to its labour market. As a result of protectionist policy, the number of new immigrants dropped the fourth consecutive year in row in 2011. According to national data, the share of foreign citizens on Slovenia’s population was 4 % in 2011. In 2010, Slovenian government adopted the Strategy for Economic Migrations for 2010-20 focusing on migration of highly skilled workers. Slovenia introduced systematic measures on integration of migrants by the Decree on the Integration of Aliens (Slovenian only) adopted in 2008, followed by several integration programs.

The breakdown of Slovenia’s construction industry from a personal perspective of a Bosnian migrant

5. 2. 13 Elvis Alukić
I came to Slovenia with my family in the summer of 1992. We came as refugees due to the war breaking out in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We came to Slovenia, because my father had been working here previously. I came as a seven year old, just on time to start with my primary school. Later on I successfully graduated as a Construction engineer. Today I work in my profession.
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Video story of a migrant worker in Slovenia

23. 1. 13
In the short video, created by the Peace Institute, you can meet a professional baker Lush Lushaj who moved to Slovenia from Kosovo in 2009. Before arriving to Slovenia, he worked for many years in Bosnia and Croatia. Today he owns his own baker’s shop in Slovenian capital, Ljubljana. Bakery is one of traditional fields of employment for migrants from Kosovo in Slovenia.
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Press release: Foreign workers on the labour market – work injuries, occupational diseases and discrimination

29. 11. 12
What awaits many foreigners on the Czech labour market? Markedly greater workplace dangers, more frequent work injuries and, in all likelihood, occupational diseases as well. They also face discrimination and servile dependence on employers – all in the context of relative inaction on the part of the state. Non-profit organisations have reached this conclusion on the basis of individual work with ...
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