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Slovenia is mainly an immigration country with high migration flows from the former Yugoslavian countries. Most immigration is temporary labour migration with majority of immigrant workers being male employed in construction and manufacturing. However, Slovenia is gradually restricting the access of immigrants to its labour market. As a result of protectionist policy, the number of new immigrants dropped the fourth consecutive year in row in 2011. According to national data, the share of foreign citizens on Slovenia’s population was 4 % in 2011. In 2010, Slovenian government adopted the Strategy for Economic Migrations for 2010-20 focusing on migration of highly skilled workers. Slovenia introduced systematic measures on integration of migrants by the Decree on the Integration of Aliens (Slovenian only) adopted in 2008, followed by several integration programs.

Marrying a husband with an EU green card

I first came to Slovenia in 2002 to visit my then boyfriend and now husband. My boyfriend/husband-to-be had got a job in an IT company and had moved to Slovenia. We didn't believe in marriage so getting married was not very high on our list. In the beginning, he would come to Serbia so we could see each other but when he used all of his vacation days, I had to go to Slovenia. For each trip, I had ...
Family reunification Slovenia

Only two refugee families reunited so far in Slovenia

30. 5. 13
The video presents an experience of one refugee (who did not wish to display his identity) with the procedure of family reunification in Slovenia. In past two decades large number of people from the Balkan, Asia and Africa Slovenia applied for international protection in Slovenia. However, there is huge disproportion between the number of people who applied for asylum and those who got it. In addi...
Family reunification Slovenia

Family reunification between the norm and helplessness

Family reunification has become a right of migrants quite recently, specifically, since this international norm was adopted as a civilizational achievement. Global mobility and the plurality of family forms as well as public opinion, which tends to favour restrictive migration and asylum policies, present new frameworks for reflection on the challenges and development of migrant family reunificati...
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Peeling an Onion: Work and Employment of Migrants in Slovenia

12. 4. 13 Aldo Milohnić
In the first part of the project Migration to the Centre we were concerned with the work and employment of migrants in Slovenia. Two experts presented the most recent statistical data, analyzed the legislative framework, and described the results of their previous field research projects. These experts’ assessments were confirmed and upgraded by personal stories contributed by three migrants from ...
Work and residence permits Labour MigrationSlovenia

A Migrant's diary: not good enough for a tourist, good enough for a spouse

9. 4. 13 Nadja Sarkić
Nowadays a lot of people are leaving their home countries with decisions to find their happiness in some other European state or even farther out in the world. Most of them decide to do such a thing in order to get a job they could not have at home. My reason for coming to Slovenia was not connected with a job search, as a matter of a fact, in my home country I had everything I needed: a universit...
Family reunification Slovenia
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