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Migration to the Centre

The international project Migration to the Centre examines how acquis communautaire and other EU instruments influence migration and integration policies and practice in the V4 region (CZ, SK, PL, HU, SL). It brings international comparisons to the situation in each country, promotes cooperation and networking between experts and stakeholders and provides space for migrants´ voice. The project aims to raise awareness and build capacities for participation on the EU policies of migration and integration and their implementation.

The project is covering following topics that are considered crucial within the migration and integration process:

  • Work and the residence permits
  • Family reunification
  • Study / training in EU

The project aims to create an active network of Central European partners focused on migration and integration, to draw attention of policy makers, experts and wider public to similarities and differences in the implementation of EU migration legislation and contribute to the cultivation of the migration debate and create conditions for inclusion of migrants to the debate.

Project partners:

Duration of the project: 9/2012 - 2/2014

Project coordinator:
Alexandra Dubová
Telefon: +420 296 325 346
E-mail: alexandra.dubova@mkc.cz

The project has been generously supported by the European Commission The "Europe for citizens" programme.

Project outputs:

Families know no borders I – Who is a family in Slovakia?

Forms and compositions of family have become quite variable over the past decades. In Slovakia more and more families nowadays include family members who are foreign nationals. The article outlines who is considered a family member in different situations for purposes of family reunification in the territory of the Slovak Republic. Paradoxically, the family members of Slovak nationals do not enjoy...
Family reunification Gender and MigrationSlovakia

Family reunification in practice – Polish case

Family reunification procedures in Poland are relatively liberal and thus majority of applications are successful. However, due to a difficult situation on the job market in Poland, meeting the application requirements is considerably uneasy.
Family reunification Poland

Separated by the Sword of Bureaucracy

The story of Osama (and of his brother as well) is one of a struggle with Czech and Saudi bureaucracies. Bureaucracy is like a deaf lady (or dead, or better deaf and dead at the same time), moving slowly (so slowly one can get pretty old while waiting for her) and keeping foreigners separate from their partners and families. No one can decode her mood nor predict her behaviour. Another matter aris...
Family reunification Czech Republic

Legal and functional context of family reunification in Hungary

In this paper the possibilities of family reunion of third-country nationals and EEA or Hungarian nationals with their third-country national family members is investigated. After a summary of the national (and European level) regulation, the question of potential abuses of international protection of beneficiaries’ access to family reunification will be presented, as well as some shortcomings.
Family reunification Hungary

My Dream of Family Reunification

26. 4. 13
My name is Mohammed Aljobouri, a professor of translation studies and linguistics at the University of Tikrit, Iraq. Currently I am in a study-leave for my PhD program at the Faculty of Modern Languages, University of Warsaw, Poland. I was so happy upon joining the University of Warsaw, because I found that Poles are nice and friendly people and it amazes me what I have been discovering every day ...
Family reunification Poland

Home in Poland, kids in Vietnam

17. 4. 13
I like living in Poland, as I feel that this is my place on Earth and that is why bringing my family here is so important to me.
Family reunification Poland

Peeling an Onion: Work and Employment of Migrants in Slovenia

12. 4. 13 Aldo Milohnić
In the first part of the project Migration to the Centre we were concerned with the work and employment of migrants in Slovenia. Two experts presented the most recent statistical data, analyzed the legislative framework, and described the results of their previous field research projects. These experts’ assessments were confirmed and upgraded by personal stories contributed by three migrants fro...
Work and residence permits Labour MigrationSlovenia

PUBLIC DEBATE: Residence and employment of third country nationals in Hungary - changing regulation

10. 4. 13
This video is an edited record of the roundtable discussion organized on 28 March 2013 by the Center for Independent Journalism called “Residence and employment of third country nationals in Hungary - changing regulation”. The seminar focused on the migration with the purpose of employment, the existing legal framework and changing legislation in Hungary and also the irregular forms of employm...
Work and residence permits Labour MigrationHungary

A Migrant's diary: not good enough for a tourist, good enough for a spouse

9. 4. 13 Nadja Sarkić
Nowadays a lot of people are leaving their home countries with decisions to find their happiness in some other European state or even farther out in the world. Most of them decide to do such a thing in order to get a job they could not have at home. My reason for coming to Slovenia was not connected with a job search, as a matter of a fact, in my home country I had everything I needed: a universit...
Family reunification Slovenia

PUBLIC DEBATE: Istanbul and Delhi in Warsaw. Plans and strategies of migrants from Asia and the Middle East in Poland

5. 4. 13
This video is an edited record of the seminar organized on 28 March 2013 by the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) called “Istanbul and Delhi in Warsaw. Plans and strategies of migrants from Asia and the Middle East in Poland”. The seminar focused on the situation of various migrant groups on the Polish labour market. Firstly, researchers from the IPA presented findings from their research amon...
Work and residence permitsPoland
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