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Foreign workers in the labour market

The project focuses on the opening of a public debate and the resolution of the taboo topic of occupational safety of foreigners (job-related injuries, occupational diseases), as well as the reinforcement of equal rights for foreigners at the labour market, by developing international cooperation in this area via a thematic network.

Another aim is the improvement of structural tools leading towards better protection of foreign workers. The project finds inspiration abroad, with our partners in the United Kingdom and Germany, where they have experience with illegal employment of foreign workers, but they can also appreciate Czech input.

Therefore, Czech non-profit organisations have joined forces with foreign partners and they hope to create a functional thematic network. Via this network they would like to address and include key players and experts from the Czech Republic as well as other EU countries, in an effort to improve the condition of foreigners in the labour market. For this reason, a partnership has been created with the German Caritasverband für die Diezöse Osnabrück and the British Anti-Slavery International, respected organisations with ample experience concerning foreign employment and occupational safety of foreigners.

Occupational safety of foreigners is a relatively neglected topic in the Czech Republic; therefore it will be presented to the public through a specialised publication, case studies from fieldwork, an Internet platform, or a handbook for foreigners and helping professions. Public debates, international internships, seminars and international conferences will be just as important. The partnered organisations hope to create space suitable for social discussion of equal rights for foreigners. The results of this joint initiative of the non-profit sector will be made available to state administration, politicians, unions and other entities that can influence Czech legislation and migration policy. Another part of the project will be the promotion of foreigners’ individual rights in the labour market with the help of experience gain abroad. A special emphasis will be placed on female foreigners, who face conditions even worse than men.


Duration of the project: 10/2012 – 9/2014

This project is supported by the European Social Fund in the Czech Republic via the OP LZZ program.

Project outputs:

Prevention is the Best Medicine (a toolkit, 2011)

22. 1. 13
The toolkit is designed to help settlement services staff provide newcomers with information on the occupational health and safety and workers’ compensation systems in Ontario. The need for such a toolkit was demonstrated in a 2011 study by the Institute for Work & Health (IWH) that explored the experiences of immigrants who had been injured on the job. The study found that injured newcomers had...
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Research and Policy Knowledge Exchange Forum on Immigration, Work and Health in British Columbia (2009)

15. 1. 13
A team of researchers from the Institute for Work & Health in Toronto, has been exploring immigrant workers’ experiences after a work-related injury in Ontario. This research and policy knowledge exchange forum was held to begin examining similar issues in British Columbia. Individuals and organizations working in immigration/migration and occupational health, safety and rights were invited to a...
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Delicate dances: Immigrant workers experiences’ of injury reporting and claim filing (2011)

8. 1. 13
Immigrants often come to Canada for the purpose of employment and make up a large proportion of our labour force. Yet their labour market experiences may not always be positive – new immigrant workers can have difficulties finding a job in their field and may end up working in “survival jobs” that expose them to workplace hazards. Workers who are new to Canada may not be familiar with legisl...
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Czech Ministry of the Interior calls for greater restrictions on foreigners

11. 12. 12 Martin Rozumek
An abbreviated version of this commentary was published on 30th October 2012 in the Czech daily "Mladá fronta DNES". The text addresses the increasingly difficult situation for foreigners in the Czech Republic which in many ways is related to how the authorities approach the whole agenda concerning foreigners. A major cause identified by the author is the often dull and mechanical repression on t...
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Press release: Foreign workers on the labour market – work injuries, occupational diseases and discrimination

29. 11. 12
What awaits many foreigners on the Czech labour market? Markedly greater workplace dangers, more frequent work injuries and, in all likelihood, occupational diseases as well. They also face discrimination and servile dependence on employers – all in the context of relative inaction on the part of the state. Non-profit organisations have reached this conclusion on the basis of individual work wit...
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Immigration, work and health - An introduction to occupational health and safety for immigrants workers in Spain

30. 10. 12
In 2007 ISTAS organised a workshop called ‘Inmigrantes y salud laboral’, dealing with the situation of migrant workers. This gave rise to the booklet, which contains information relevant to migrant workers and their working conditions. The booklet focuses on sectors where migrant workers are commonly employed. It gives advice and instructions on how accidents can be prevented, and o...
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Managing Diversity in the Workplace – Focusing on the Employment of Migrant Workers (Handbook)

30. 10. 12
The aim of this handbook from 2004 is to provide practical guidance for those recruiting and employing migrant workers. The handbook therefore covers: (a) issues related to recruitment, employment permits and employment rights, (b) managing a diverse workforce, (c) developing an intercultural workplace policy.
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Working in the UK: Rights for Migrant Workers (Leaflet)

30. 10. 12
The TUC has produced a leaflet for people coming to work in the UK giving information about their legal rights to work in this country. The leaflet is available to download in the following languages: Czech, English, Estonian, French, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish.
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Living and Working in the UK: Your Rights

30. 10. 12
The booklet has been written for people coming to work in UK. It briefly summarizes the most important duties and rights of foreign workers in the UK. Chapter Living in the UK introduces topics such as: housing, services in and for the home, benefits and tax credits, healthcare, education, bank services, driving, interpreting, immigration and nationality, challenging discrimination and the chapter...
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