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Foreign workers in the labour market

The project focuses on the opening of a public debate and the resolution of the taboo topic of occupational safety of foreigners (job-related injuries, occupational diseases), as well as the reinforcement of equal rights for foreigners at the labour market, by developing international cooperation in this area via a thematic network.

Another aim is the improvement of structural tools leading towards better protection of foreign workers. The project finds inspiration abroad, with our partners in the United Kingdom and Germany, where they have experience with illegal employment of foreign workers, but they can also appreciate Czech input.

Therefore, Czech non-profit organisations have joined forces with foreign partners and they hope to create a functional thematic network. Via this network they would like to address and include key players and experts from the Czech Republic as well as other EU countries, in an effort to improve the condition of foreigners in the labour market. For this reason, a partnership has been created with the German Caritasverband für die Diezöse Osnabrück and the British Anti-Slavery International, respected organisations with ample experience concerning foreign employment and occupational safety of foreigners.

Occupational safety of foreigners is a relatively neglected topic in the Czech Republic; therefore it will be presented to the public through a specialised publication, case studies from fieldwork, an Internet platform, or a handbook for foreigners and helping professions. Public debates, international internships, seminars and international conferences will be just as important. The partnered organisations hope to create space suitable for social discussion of equal rights for foreigners. The results of this joint initiative of the non-profit sector will be made available to state administration, politicians, unions and other entities that can influence Czech legislation and migration policy. Another part of the project will be the promotion of foreigners’ individual rights in the labour market with the help of experience gain abroad. A special emphasis will be placed on female foreigners, who face conditions even worse than men.


Duration of the project: 10/2012 – 9/2014

This project is supported by the European Social Fund in the Czech Republic via the OP LZZ program.

Project outputs:

EPAM: Key priorities for the future of European migration and asylum policy

14. 4. 14
European NGO Platform on EU Asylum and Migration (EPAM) presents statement regarding the EU agenda of Freedom, Security and Justice. This agenda also includes asylum and migration policies. Members of the EPAM jointly set out 15 key priorities for the future of European migration and asylum policy.
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PICUM: Five-Point Action Plan to strenghten rights of undocumented migrants

9. 4. 14
The Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM) made submission towards the DG Home Affairs in effort to achieve better position of undocumented migrants. The Platform proposed Five-Point Action Plan in which it recommends thoroughgoing revision of policies and practices of the EU and member states regarding undocumented migrants with emphasis put on situation of women,...
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Equal treatment of foreigners in access to unemployment benefits and health insurance

An open letter on the subject of exploitation of foreign nationals and on social rights of migrant workers under the EU single permit directive
Migration and the EU Labour MigrationCzech Republicarticles

Report: Access to Employment for Beneficiaries of International Protection in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Slovakia

20. 3. 14
The report was commissioned and funded by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Regional Representation for Central Europe. The aim of this report is to offer a detailed account on the access to employment for beneficiaries of international protection in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia.
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EU Directive on a single application procedure for a single permit for third-country nationals to reside and work – groping towards harmonisation of EU migration law

17. 3. 14 Martin Rozumek
The subject of the commentary is the Directive on a single application procedure for a single permit for third-country nationals to reside and work. The Directive is discussed in the broader context of the development of European migration and asylum policy; the limited nature of its range and scope is pointed out. In view of the problematic Czech migration reality, the effect of the Directive on ...
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Developments in trafficking in human beings for the purpose of labor exploitation and forced labor

14. 3. 14
The monograph deals with an important legal, human rights and security related topic of human trafficking for the purpose of exploitation and forced labor.
Migration and the EU Labour MigrationCzech Republicresearch reports and studies

OPU Report on the State of Migration in the Czech Republic and Proposed Solutions (November 2013)

9. 12. 13 Martin Rozumek
Migration policy of the Czech Republic is managed incorrectly and requires fundamental reforms. Demographic trends show that the Czech population will rapidly decline and the same applies to the population in productive age , therefore, in addition to the strong pro-family policy, a well-managed migration policy is one of the tools that can help to maintain the current standard of living in the so...
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A Foreign Education Certificate Helps to Find a Job, yet the Official Recognition is Necessary

4. 11. 13 Tetyana Kobets
One of the current trends on the global labour market is to strongly tighten the conditions of the recruitment of foreigners in many countries. The situation in the Czech Republic is not different. The negative impact of the global economic crisis, increasing unemployment or an attempt to find an all-purpose way of selecting suitable employees might be the cause. The restrictions affect particular...
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On the forced labour and the forced criminality in migrants: An interview with Klára Skřivánková of Anti-Slavery International

The following interview with Klára Skřivánková of the British non-governmental organization Anti-Slavery International, an NGO addressing slavery issues, focuses on the ever more frequent use of the term "forced criminality in migrants". Also, the interview dwells on the fact that in the UK, the position of the victims in these cases, at first glance, makes them look like offenders. The in...
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The draft of the new Aliens Act: Tighter Rules for All

30. 8. 13
At the beginning of May 2013, after more than two years of preparations, the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic submitted for public consultation, its conception of the new foreigners’ legislation. Three new separate acts, if approved by the Government and Parliament, would substantially change the current legal regulation of stay and residence of foreigners from the EU as well as fr...
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