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Integration is currently one of the most discussed topics related to the presence of  migrants in Europe. The debate under this issue tackles seemingly nonproblematic, however unclear and controversial questions. Who do we want to integrate, and where to? How can we measure the level of integration, and how shall we discern between integrated and non-integrated immigrants? Who is considered to be desirable for integration from the point of view of the European nation-states? Do some of the foreigners have better prerequisites for integration as many political concepts suggest? Is even the entire idea of the so-called integrated society compatible with the current conditions of the global capitalism and its requests for flexibility and mobility?

The texts in the Integration Theme deal with the experience of integration and the development of integration policy in different countries. They present both expert views on integration and the personal experiences of immigrants.

The section was created under the project Quality integration through quality information.

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Turkish Berlin: Integration Policy & Urban Space - Book Review

Turkish Berlin: Integration Policy & Urban Space - Book Review

“One is not from where she was born, but from where she meets her expectations” (p. 75) states a common Turkish saying that Annika Marlen Hinze quotes in her book Turkish Berlin: Integration Policy & Urban Space.

The ambivalent frame of French naturalization ceremonies

17. 3. 15
There are two directions to current French immigration policy: simultaneously restricting new arrivals and facilitating access to French nationality. In the recent period, the public authorities have focused closely on naturalization. This has led to a significant increase in number of persons naturalized French, and the development of a solemn ceremony for conferring on them the written certifica...

New report: Integration of migrants in the Czech Republic

18. 11. 14

Migration Policy Institute (MPI) published the report "Building an Integration System: Policies to Support Immigrants' Progression in the Czech Labor Market" by Dušan Drbohlav and Onřej Valenta. The report focuses on integration measures in the Czech Republic with an emphasis on the economic integration of migrants.

IntegrationEU Czech Republicarticles

NGOs meet the European Commission to discuss family reunification

The very first event of the European Platform on Asylum and Migration (EPAM)[1] dedicated to family reunification was organised in May 2014. It brought together EPAM Members, national practitioners and the European Commission for a training and brainstorming meeting.
The author attended the meeting as a representative of one of the E...

Migration and the EU IntegrationEUarticles

Video from the conference: Beyond Borders, Migration and (In) Equality in Central Europe in Comparison

18. 8. 14
The Conference was organized by Multicultural Center Prague as part of the Migration to the Center Project and was held on January 23-24, 2014. The following topics were discussed at the event: labour migration, family renunciation, migrants’ human rights in the face of state security control, citizenship and the politics of belonging, and migrants’ access to health care. Video recordings from the...
Labour Migration IntegrationSlovakia Czech Republic Slovenia Poland Hungary

Recognition of education: A conference on the validation of migrants' education in the Czech Republic

4. 8. 14
On Tuesday, March 17, 2014, the Multicultural Center in Prague held a conference entitled: On the validation of migrants' education in the Czech Republic. It was held on the occasion of launching a new online information portal which is meant to assist foreigners with the recognition of education received abroad. After the presentation of an analysis and a panel discussion, a full auditorium of th...
Labour Migration IntegrationCzech Republic

Interview with Pascall Rillof, European Network for Public Service Interpreting and Translation (ENPSIT)

15. 6. 14
Pascall Rillof is a sector co-coordinator public service interpreting and translation for Flanders and Brussels, Belgium, at the Kruispunt Migratie-Integratie (Junction Migration-Integration) and the initiator of the European Public Service Interpreting and Translation Network (ENPSIT). In the following interview he answers questions concerning the newest developments in community interpreting. Th...

Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

On 13 March, the European Parliament approved the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) for 2014- 2020, which replaces the European Refugee Fund, the European Integration Fund and the European Return Fund. The commentary presents an overview of the main changes in resources allocation and discussion on 'partnership' principle.
Migration and the EU Integrationarticles

OPU Report on the State of Migration in the Czech Republic and Proposed Solutions (November 2013)

9. 12. 13 Martin Rozumek
Migration policy of the Czech Republic is managed incorrectly and requires fundamental reforms. Demographic trends show that the Czech population will rapidly decline and the same applies to the population in productive age , therefore, in addition to the strong pro-family policy, a well-managed migration policy is one of the tools that can help to maintain the current standard of living in the so...
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