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Undocumented Migration and Regularisation

Regularisation, or the legalisation of the irregular status of immigrants under the law, is both a practical solution to illegal migration and one of the most controversial means of migration management as it weakens the power of the state to control the migration flows on its territory. There are many kinds of regularisation and it can involve different groups of migrants. One can distinguish between general regularisations aimed at all migrants without legal residency, and special regularisations which are intended only for a specific group of migrants. Countries which have carried out regularisation in the past (such as Italy, Greece, Great Britain, Portugal and Spain) chose either an amnesty for all asylum seekers or an amnesty for irregular migrant workers. Regularisation is a topic of discussion all over Europe. We would like to contribute to starting the debate about regularisation in the Czech Republic.

Marie Jelínková is the coordinator of the theme. Contact: (migrace(at)mkc.cz)  

This e-platform was established as a part of the project Regularization as One of the Tools for the Fight against Irregular Migration which is financed by European Social Fund through Operational Programme Human Resources and Employment. Partner of the projects are Association for integration and migration, the Organization for Aid to Refugees and the Multicultural Centre Prague, SOS Racismo-Mugak a Solidariedade migrante.

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Topic in E-library:

Action Plan on Unaccompanied Minors (2010 - 2014)

16. 5. 11
In its June 2009 Communication the European Commission outlined the further development of the EU strategy on the rights of the child and announced an action plan on unaccompanied minors. This Action Plan aims to provide concrete responses to the challenges posed by the arrival of significant numbers of unaccompanied minors in EU territory, while fully respecting the rights of the child and the pr...
Undocumented Migration and Regularisationresearch reports and studies

Assessing EU Policy on Irregular Immigration under the Stockholm Programme

16. 5. 11
The relationship between EU policy and the rights of undocumented migrants remains in tension. The status and treatment granted to undocumented migrants continues to be ‘invisible’ in EU policy strategies and responses. This is so despite the wide recognition and evidence of the vulnerability and insecurities these persons face in their access to fundamental rights. The ‘policy gap’ between curre...
Undocumented Migration and Regularisationresearch reports and studies

Unaccompanied Minors in the Migration Process

26. 4. 11
This study attempts to determine the magnitude of the phenomenon of unaccompanied minors arriving irregularly in the EU, to identify the vulnerable groups and threats, to point out Member States most affected by the phenomenon, determine the main drivers and to develop a mid-term outlook. The phenomenon is approached and analysed mainly from the perspective of a border-control authority with the ...
Undocumented Migration and Regularisationresearch reports and studies

Being children and undocumented in the UK: A background paper

21. 4. 11
This background paper offers a critical review of key terms, concepts and evidence which will inform our ongoing qualitative study on the situation of undocumented migrant minors in the UK. The paper first addresses issues related to the definition of the target group, considering in particular the dichotomy legal/illegal immigration and showing how it fails to acknowledge two important aspects: t...
Undocumented Migration and Regularisationresearch reports and studies

Labor exploitation of Romanian workers in the Czech forestry business

22. 3. 11 Simina Guga
This article was written with the purpose of completing the findings made in the Czech Republic, related to a case of labor exploitation of Slovak and Vietnamese forestry workers. It is based on interviews conducted with several Romanian workers that worked in different regions of the Czech Republic, as well as on a web analysis of published materials related to the case, providing a clearer image...
Labour Migration Undocumented Migration and Regularisation Campaign for treeworkersCzech Republicarticles

Czech state forestry and exploitation of migrant workers

This article describes the case of hundreds of migrant workers hired by a few subcontractors of one of the main Czech forestry companies to work in state forests. Over the past two years, they have received no or only partial pay for their work; they have nearly starved; and they have been subject of threats. This article was originally published in the Czech bi-weekly Nový Prostor.
Undocumented Migration and Regularisation Campaign for treeworkersCzech Republicarticles

Managing refugees: the transformation of asylum in the post-communist Czech Republic

This article, which was originally published at migrationeducation.org, analyses the legal-political construction of ‘refugee’ in the post-communist Czech Republic before and after its accession to the European Union (EU). It focuses on the role of the state and explains the gradual shift that took place towards treating asylum as a matter of migration management rather than a fundamental human ri...
Undocumented Migration and RegularisationCzech Republicarticles

Are undocumented migrants and asylum seekers entitled to access health care in the EU ?

22. 2. 11
This report gathers together the executive summary of the HUMA publication "Access to health care for undocumented migrants and asylum seekers in 10 EU countries" (2009) and the results of a new piece of research undertaken in six more countries with the support of the HUMA partners. All together, this study concerns sixteen EU countries: Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, I...
Undocumented Migration and Regularisationresearch reports and studies

The detention of minors in the Czech Republic

The article describes the practice of detaining migrant minors in the Czech Republic. Minors are divided into those who are accompanied by parents or other legal guardians and those who are not. The article addresses the main shortcomings of the legislation on the detention of minors in the Czech Republic and it also deals with the detention of minors with regard to the protection of human rights....
Undocumented Migration and RegularisationCzech Republicarticles

The current situation of migrants in the Pilsen Region

The following text addresses the problems of migrants in the Czech Republic, more specifically of those living in the south-western Pilsen Region. It shows the consequences of various ill-advised decisions made by both the government and the Pilsen Foreign Police. The measures introduced in response to the so-called economic crisis have only strengthened the dependency on intermediaries (also call...
Undocumented Migration and Regularisation Labour MigrationCzech Republicarticles
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