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Undocumented Migration and Regularisation

Regularisation, or the legalisation of the irregular status of immigrants under the law, is both a practical solution to illegal migration and one of the most controversial means of migration management as it weakens the power of the state to control the migration flows on its territory. There are many kinds of regularisation and it can involve different groups of migrants. One can distinguish between general regularisations aimed at all migrants without legal residency, and special regularisations which are intended only for a specific group of migrants. Countries which have carried out regularisation in the past (such as Italy, Greece, Great Britain, Portugal and Spain) chose either an amnesty for all asylum seekers or an amnesty for irregular migrant workers. Regularisation is a topic of discussion all over Europe. We would like to contribute to starting the debate about regularisation in the Czech Republic.

Marie Jelínková is the coordinator of the theme. Contact: (migrace(at)mkc.cz)  

This e-platform was established as a part of the project Regularization as One of the Tools for the Fight against Irregular Migration which is financed by European Social Fund through Operational Programme Human Resources and Employment. Partner of the projects are Association for integration and migration, the Organization for Aid to Refugees and the Multicultural Centre Prague, SOS Racismo-Mugak a Solidariedade migrante.

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Debate on the access of (il)legal migrants to health insurance (report)

Debate on the access of (il)legal migrants to health insurance (report)

22. 6. 07
On Tuesday 29 May 2007 a debate on the topic "Access of legal and illegal migrants to health insurance" was held at the Multicultural Centre Prague. Its content was to a great extent influenced by the problem of dubious health insurance purchased by foreigners, an issue which has recently been widely discussed in the media. As a result of this practice,, the Foreign Police extended the ...
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The Czech Penal Code to Criminalise Aid to Undocumented Migrants

11. 4. 07
The Constitutional and Legal Committee of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament is debating a draft amendment to the Penal Code that would introduce a new criminal act into the Czech legal order, namely the facilitation of unauthorized residence on the territory of the country.
Undocumented Migration and Regularisationarticles

Ukrainian and Polish Domestic Workers in Naples – A Case of East-South Migration

5. 2. 07
This paper looks at a recent form of labour migration from East and Central Europe to South Italy. It discusses the case of Ukrainian and Polish domestic workers in the city of Naples as an example of informal and irregular migration. Based on migrant testimonies, it discusses reasons and modes of migration. In contrasting the situation of Polish and Ukrainian women migrants the paper argues that ...
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The EU’s ‘basic values’ and irregular migrants: Common principles for integration or tool for exclusion?

30. 1. 07
Drawing on the recent EC Communication on irregular migration and focusing on southern Italian agriculture and its widespread recourse to an undocumented migrant workforce, the article argues that millions of people across the EU lack basic social, let alone civil and political, rights. 'Respect for the basic values of the European Union', cited in the 10 Common Basic Principles on Integration, sh...
Migration and the EU Undocumented Migration and Regularisationarticles

Ukrainian Migration to Portugal. From Non-existence to One of the Top Three Immigrant Groups

15. 1. 07
The emergence and development of sizeable groups of immigrants from non-Portuguese speaking countries in the 1990s imposed upon Portugal the necessity to elaborate policies of immigration and to develop institutional and legal apparatus, and consequently to translate these policies into practice.
Undocumented Migration and Regularisationarticles

Illegal employment of foreigners as an obstacle to their desirable integration on the job market: Part I. Methodology implemented to examine the phenomenon of illegal labor in selected countries

4. 8. 04
The study opens with a general essay about illegal employment and an account of immigration policies in this area. The descriptive part of the study presents definitions of illegal employment used in the United States, Canada, Russia and selected European countries. In a number of cases, institutions that can legalize residency and work by foreigners in the given country are listed. The methodolo...
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