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EUDO Citizenship Observatory. Country Report: Czech Republic

The paper provides an important overview for all those who would like to broaden their knowledge about the citizenship politics in the Czech Republic. When Baršová wrote this report about the Czech citizenship in 2009, she stated that the "citizenship law is struck between the past and the future".
In the text, Baršová aims to provide a throughout analysis of developments in the Czech citizenship concept. She starts with a brief overview of the Czech citizenship legislation and various policies linked to it since 1918. The most attention is paid to the changes in the last two decades. The article does not concentrate only on the past, but also discusses the Czech citizenship regimes in 2009, still valid now (2012), and ongoing debates.

You can read the whole paper here.

The report was prepared for EUDO Citizenship Observatory, an observatory within the European Union Observatory on Democracy web platform hosted at the Robert Schuman Centre of the European University Institute in Florence. The website http://eudo-citizenship.eu

, provides updated information on legal norms, citizenship statistics, comparative analyses and debates about research strategies and policy reforms.

Most importantly, country report for different European (and some non-European) countries are available on http://eudo-citizenship.eu/country-profiles

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