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Refugees are for the Americans something like baseball and apple pie

Refugees are for the Americans something like baseball and apple pie

Interview with Ali Al Sudani who came as a refugee from Iraq to Texas with the resettlement program of the American government. Today, he leads within the organization Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston the governmental integration program for refugees, who are being resettled to Houston. Most of them come from the Middle East and Cuba. 2004 – 2009 he worked in...

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We need more awareness of trafficking for forced criminality: an interview with Vicky Brotherton

This interview with Vicky Brotherton from Antislavery International draws attention to recent research on trafficking for forced criminal exploitation and forced begging in Europe. The interview explores the role of the UK and other EU member states in regards to anti-trafficking policy. Additiona...

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An interview with Portuguese migrant trade unionist, Manuel Correia

“As long as you are going to prevent migrants from entering the labour market, you are not going to be able to guarantee decent working conditions.”
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Outcomes of the research on the remittances to Ukraine. An Interview with Dušan Drbohlav

One of the biggest contemporary Czech research projects concerning migration: "Migration and development – economic, social and socio-economic impacts of migration on the Czech Republic, as migration target country, and Ukraine, as migration source country (with a specific focus on the analysis of remittances)" has been carried out by the Geographic Migration Center – GEOMIGRACE team of the Facult...
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Interview with Pascall Rillof, European Network for Public Service Interpreting and Translation (ENPSIT)

15. 6. 14
Pascall Rillof is a sector co-coordinator public service interpreting and translation for Flanders and Brussels, Belgium, at the Kruispunt Migratie-Integratie (Junction Migration-Integration) and the initiator of the European Public Service Interpreting and Translation Network (ENPSIT). In the following interview he answers questions concerning the newest developments in community interpreting. Th...

Ongoing crises inside and outside the country. Interview with a Syrian doctor and refugee

22. 4. 14 Jennifer Lu
Dr. Mansour Al-Rajab is originally from the Syrian town of Homs, where he built his own clinic and worked as a doctor until the Syrian Civil War left his clinic destroyed and caused him to flee to the Czech Republic, his current country of residence.
Refugees in CEECzech Republicinterviews

On the forced labour and the forced criminality in migrants: An interview with Klára Skřivánková of Anti-Slavery International

The following interview with Klára Skřivánková of the British non-governmental organization Anti-Slavery International, an NGO addressing slavery issues, focuses on the ever more frequent use of the term "forced criminality in migrants". Also, the interview dwells on the fact that in the UK, the position of the victims in these cases, at first glance, makes them look like offenders. The inter...
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Migrants take away our jobs! Really?

My name is Elena and I have been living in Prague for 7 years now. There are many Czechs and migrants among my friends. I often hear an opinion that migrants take away Czechs' jobs. Is it really the case? Or are we just talking about a fair competition? I discussed this topic with Rasul Radžab account manager from Azerbaijan.
Work and residence permitsCzech Republicinterviews
Labour Market Implications of Migration. An interview with Eamonn Davern

Labour Market Implications of Migration. An interview with Eamonn Davern

In this interview, Eamonn Davern from British Jobcentre Plus describes labour market implications of migration in the United Kingdom. He is convinced that migrant workers should not be considered a danger for British domestic workers. He explains that the British Government is encouraging both, British and foreign workers, to be active in applying for job vacancies.
Labour Migrationinterviews

“Urban inhabitants fill in their documents themselves and ask for our assistance in case of a real problem.” Interview with the “consultant” in front of the Czech Consulate in Lviv

22. 3. 11 Oresta Ochorcak
In the short interview one of the so called “consultants” describes the recent developments in the visa issuance situation in Lviv, his clients, and the services he offers.
Labour Migrationinterviews

Paving the road for international discussions on migration – Global Forum on Migration and Development. An interview with Stefan Rother

Stefan Rother, a political scientist working at the Arnold-Bergstraesser Institute for socio-cultural research, Freiburg, Germany, discusses the institution of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD), a recently established platform for annual meetings of government officials, NGOs and migrant organizations. He focuses on its structure, procedures and international significance as wel...
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“The migration debate is being securitised.” An interview with Heikki Kerkkänen, an expert on immigration control policy and immigrant policy from the University of Helsinki. Tereza Rejšková

Heikki Kerkkänen speaks about the political debate on immigration in Finland: about the relocation of the integration agenda from the Ministry of Labour to the Ministry of the Interior, a shift with a parallel in the Czech context; about integration policy and practice; and about different approaches to specific ethnic groups of immigrants.

Migration potential survey: a research method born out of fear. An interview with Professor Endre Sik, professor at the ELTE University and a senior researcher at TARKI Social Research Institute

In this interview, professor Sik discusses migration potential surveys, the research methods as well as a series of these surveys carried out at the time between the collapse of the communist regimes in Central and Eastern Europe and the countries’ accession to the EU, arguing that this wave of surveys was motivated by fear in Western countries.
Labour Migration Migration and the EUinterviews

“Each time you take a tram in Vilnius, you hear people speaking about migration.” An interview with Daiva Tereshchenko, a Lithuanian researcher focusing on the Lithuanian

Lithuania is a country with a great historical Diaspora and large-scale recent economic migration. This interview with Daiva Tereshchenko focuses on the current migration situation in the country, on the attitude of the Lithuanian state and society, and on the Lithuanian communities abroad and their relationship with their country of origin.
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“My agency had an agreement with the embassy, and so we didn’t have to wait in the line.” An Interview with Ariunaa, a Mongolian seeking work in the Czech Republic.

28. 12. 09 Petra Klupková
Ariunaa (30 years old) came from the Northwest of Mongolia to seek a job in the Czech Republic in 2007. The interview illustrates the situation at the Czech Embassy in Ulaanbaatar at the time when Ariunaa was leaving Mongolia (2007), and focuses on the role of the agencies providing assistance with obtaining a visa and finding work. Ariunaa has a 10-year old daughter in Mongolia, and although she ...
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