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An Interview with Běla Hejná from the Ministry of the Interior on the Voluntary Returns Project for Illegal Immigrants and about foreigners lacking permission to reside in the Czech Republic

The interview describes the commencement of the Voluntary Returns Project for Illegal Immigrants. The project draws on an already operating Project of Voluntary Returns. Apart from giving insight into the project’s conditions and its way of operation, the interview also provides an idea about the approach of the Ministry of the Interior towards migrants without residence permits.
Undocumented Migration and Regularisationinterviews

„We were upset that no one from the Vietnamese community spoke out.” An interview with Hien Tran Thu

An interview with Hien Tran Thu (a Vietnamese economics student living in Prague) about the Vietnamese students’ initiative, the relationship of the Vietnamese community with the state administration and the Czech media, the impact of the economic crisis and the Vietnamese community’s coexistence with Czech society.
Integration Labour Migrationinterviews

“The Mongolian community in the Czech Republic cannot be stable and develop itself due to the permanent uncertainty of its members with the visas.“ Interview with Ariunjurgal Dashnyam, the director of the Czech-Mongolian Society

Ariunjurgal Dashnyam comes from Mongolia. She set up the Czech-Mongolian Society in Pilsen, a city in West Bohemia, four years ago. Among other things, the association provides legal and general advice. The interview addresses the current problems of the Mongolian community at a time of large-scale dismissals of agency employees; the activities of the Czech-Mongolian Society and the role of non-pr...
Labour Migration Integrationinterviews

“Access to a good education and to the labor market is essential for integration of immigrants into a new society”. Interview with Barbara John, former Commissioner for Integration and Migration in Berlin

The interview deals with Berlin’s attitude towards the integration of immigrants in the 1980s and 1990s. From 1981 to 2003, Barbara John was the first Commissioner for Integration and Migration in Berlin. She draws from her extensive experience when speaking about the importance of integration, problems she had to tackle at the beginning of her career and about the change in the attitude towards f...

“We’ve been dealing with an enormous interest in Czech visas.” An interview with Jaroslav Bašta, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

1. 11. 07
The scope of the Czech visa practice in Ukraine will soon be defined by the recently signed agreement between the European Union and Ukraine, as well as by the Schengen regulations. Jaroslav Bašta, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, comments on the ensuing changes. He also talks about inadequate staffing of the consular offices, the increasing number of visa applications...
Labour Migrationinterviews

The tourist industry and visas. Interview with a director of a tourist agency in Lviv

24. 10. 07
Iryna Mala is a director of the tourist agency Trident in Lviv, Ukraine. She explains that her company is obliged to arrange visas for its clients and she speaks about some difficulties connected with this. The tourist agency has to obtain and keep the trust of consulates, it has to investigate its clients and it has to be prepared for some economic losses. There are two consulates in Lviv: the Cz...

Interview with Dr. Martin Ruhs

22. 5. 07
Dr. Martin Ruhs is a Senior Labour Market Economist at the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), University of Oxford.
Migration and the EUinterviews

Interview with Jan Svoboda, Mayor of Cheb

15. 8. 06
Cheb is a border town in Western Bohemia with a strong Vietnamese presence. What are the specifics of such a town? The interview shows how does the Mayor of Cheb perceive minority - majority relations. The interview was conducted by Jakob Hurrle within the project “Interculture Map” of the Multicultural Centre Prague (INTI Programme of the European Commission).

Interview with Vladislav Günter: “Migrants' Contributions Will Depend on the Conditions We Provide for Them…”

30. 3. 06
Vladislav Günter is a social worker in the Centre for Integration of Foreigners. This interview is based on the contribution given by Mr. Günter on the Workshop on Developments and Patterns of Migration Processes in Central and Eastern Europe held in Prague in August 2005.
Refugees in CEE Integrationinterviews

Interview vith Kajo Zbořil: Slovak Assistance for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

30. 3. 06
Kajo Zbořil has been working with refugees since 2001. He spent almost one and a half years in Chechnya as a humanitarian worker. Currently he is a director of the Slovak Refugee Council (SRC), which is a Slovak non-governmental organization working with asylum seekers and recognised refugees, providing support as well as assistance with social integration. This interview is based on the cont...

Interview with Claire Wallace on Development of Migration Researches in Central and Eastern Europe

15. 7. 05

Claire Wallace, Professor of Sociology at the University of Aberdeen, helped during the early 1990s to set up the Sociology Department at the Central European University, Prague. In the interview, she talks about the development of migration researches in Central and Eastern Europe since the 1990s and about the new borderlands of the European Union.


Western European Countries Tend to Follow a Liberalizing Trend towards Citizenship Policies. Interview with Rainer Bauböck

6. 4. 05
In a short interview the political scientist Rainer Bauböck describes the state and development of citizenship policies in Europe. This interview is part of the current topic "citizenship" of the www.migraceonline.cz website.

"Clients come first": an interview with M. Dohnalová, head of the Administration of Refugee Facilities

4. 8. 04
In the interview, the director of the Administration of Refugee Facilities (ARF) talks about the services that her organization provides to clients in the Czech Republic’s refugee facilities. She talks about mandatory health checks and the ways in which client information is utilized. She also discusses the quality of services provided in refugee facilities operated by private contractors. The int...

Moscow does not believe migrants: an interview about Russian migration

4. 8. 04
How is the Russian administration and society coping with migratory movements of the past decade? An interview with Svetlana Ganuschkina, an expert on legal issues related to migration at the Memorial Organization and the director of the “Migration and Law” network, with Oleg Panfilov and Mirzaid Sultonov from Moscow’s Center of Journalism in Extreme Conditions and with Abdulmadzid Radzabovich Sur...

“Most people just want to live in peace”: an interview with Catherine de Wenden

29. 6. 04
In this interview, the French political scientist talks about the approach of European countries towards foreigners and about the reception of foreigners and migration in general. She talks about the French experience with suburban ghettos and the skewed notions that Christians as well as Muslims in today’s Europe have about Islam. The interview took place on 7 March 2003 in the French Institute ...
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