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Migration to the Centre

The international project Migration to the Centre examines how acquis communautaire and other EU instruments influence migration and integration policies and practice in the V4 region (CZ, SK, PL, HU, SL). It brings international comparisons to the situation in each country, promotes cooperation and networking between experts and stakeholders and provides space for migrants´ voice. The project aims to raise awareness and build capacities for participation on the EU policies of migration and integration and their implementation.

The project is covering following topics that are considered crucial within the migration and integration process:

  • Work and the residence permits
  • Family reunification
  • Study / training in EU

The project aims to create an active network of Central European partners focused on migration and integration, to draw attention of policy makers, experts and wider public to similarities and differences in the implementation of EU migration legislation and contribute to the cultivation of the migration debate and create conditions for inclusion of migrants to the debate.

Project partners:

Duration of the project: 9/2012 - 2/2014

Project coordinator:
Alexandra Dubová
Telefon: +420 296 325 346
E-mail: alexandra.dubova@mkc.cz

The project has been generously supported by the European Commission The "Europe for citizens" programme.

Project outputs:

Video from the conference: Beyond Borders, Migration and (In) Equality in Central Europe in Comparison

18. 8. 14
The Conference was organized by Multicultural Center Prague as part of the Migration to the Center Project and was held on January 23-24, 2014. The following topics were discussed at the event: labour migration, family renunciation, migrants’ human rights in the face of state security control, citizenship and the politics of belonging, and migrants’ access to health care. Video recordings from...
Labour Migration IntegrationSlovakia Czech Republic Slovenia Poland Hungary


1. 6. 14
More than one thousand students who come to study in Slovenia (mostly from the area of the former common country Yugoslavia) have lost the right to obtain a Slovenian scholarship in 2012. The paper reveals why this provision is problematic in various aspects and has many negative, long-term consequences.

Immigrant Parental Expectations and Investment into Education of Children: Models Formed by Immigrant Families in the Czech Republic

17. 1. 14

By Daniela Pěničková, Dana Bittnerová, Mirjam Moravcová

In his article written for the Migration to the Centre project Thomas Huddleston from the Migration Policy Groups underscores the importance of closing the gap between rates of third country migrants and EU citizens in terms of their participation in higher education. This article reflects this call by presenting an ...

Study / training in EUCzech Republic

Young immigrants on the Polish labor market

23. 12. 13
This video is an edited record of the conference organized on 16 December 2013 by the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) called „Discrimination of foreigners in Poland - Legal, social and economic context”. The third discussion panel organized within the “Migration to the Centre project” was devoted to the situation of young migrants entering the Polish labour market with a particular empha...
Study / training in EUPoland

Study / training in EU

19. 12. 13 Karolina Grot
As it was indicated by the MPG expert Thomas Huddleston, education is high on the EU’s agenda. The governments of EU Member States set two overall education targets for Europe’s strategy for jobs and growth. Among targets there are reducing early school leaving and raising the share of 30-34–year-olds completing third level education. Polish response to these goals is to implement the provis...
Study / training in EUPoland

Foreign students in the Hungarian education system

18. 12. 13
This video is an edited record of the roundtable discussion organized on 9 Dec 2013 by the Center for Independent Journalism called “Foreign Students in the Hungarian Educational System”.
Study / training in EUHungary

On (In)equal Educational Opportunities for Migrants in Slovenia

10. 12. 13 Aldo Milohnić
In the third phase of the project, “Migration to the Centre,” we were concerned with educational opportunities for migrants in Slovenia. Two experts on the topic presented the most recent trends, analyzed the legislative framework, and described the experiences gained from their research work. These experts’ assessments were upgraded with personal stories contributed by migrants from Bosnia,...
Study / training in EUSlovenia

Slovakia: Summary — Study and Training

The third phase of the “Migration to the Centre” project brought two perspectives, one from that of a migrant experiencing life as a foreign student in Slovakia and another from experts providing opinions on public policies towards the adoption of highly skilled migrants and international students.

Expert articles were prepared by Renáta Králiková (Analyst of the Slovak G...

Study / training in EUSlovakia

Migrant Inequality and Education: The Case of Slovenia

18. 11. 13 Mojca Pajnik
The article discusses equality in the context of education opportunities for migrants in Slovenia. Our aim is to present the dilemmas about (in)equality of migrants, whose lives, work, and educational opportunities are largely determined by their status, i.e. citizenship, visas, work permits, residence permits. We discuss narratives of migrants (based on interviews) that on one hand reflect practi...
Study / training in EUSlovenia

Attracting and Supporting International Students in Hungarian Higher Education

Despite the facts that many foreign students are finding Hungary an attractive destination to study and that the Hungarian government has recognized their significance in the country, public and university services are still deficient in offering these students an adequate administrative infrastructure and possibilities for integration. For this reason many students of various cultural backgrounds...
Study / training in EUHungary
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