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Immigration and the Czech Republic

19. 5. 04
This paper presents an overview of international migration in the Czech Republic, with a special focus on labour immigration. Currently the Czech Republic is an immigration and transit country. The most important immigration segment - economic immigrants create a colourful mosaic of various ethnicities (80% of them from Europe) each group with their own different economic strategy and niche are th...

Act on Residence of Aliens on the Territory of the Czech Republic and Amendments to other Acts (No. 326/1999) of 30 November 1999

18. 5. 04
The Act on Residence of Aliens defines aliens as all natural persons who are not citizens of the Czech Republic. This act does not cover asylum seekers and people who have applied for asylum. In contrast, the act covers EU citizens who enjoy more favorable conditions when applying for temporary and permanent residency as a result of an EU-harmonizing amendment of 2002. Since 1999, residence of ali...


18. 5. 04
The beginning of the comparative study’s seventh chapter defines the term “state citizenship”. The comparison deals with the conditions for naturalization of foreigners, ways of making it simpler for second and third generation immigrants to obtain citizenship and dual citizenship. Czech legislation and practice are compared with the corresponding legislation of Germany, Austria,...
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Resolution of the Czech Republic’s Government providing for integration of refugees in 2004

28. 1. 04
Related link: Resolution of the Government (full text) State program of integration Abstract: Stanislav Gross, the First Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior, presented a draft proposal providing for integration of refugees in 2004. The following priorities were set in the area of integration: Czech language training, Provision of housing, employment assistance (retraining)...
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