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Germany: Hearing I

1. 10. 15

As part of the “Testing EU Citizenship as Labour Citizenship: From Cases of Labour Rights Violations to a Strengthened Labour-Rights Regime” project co-funded by the European Union under the Europe for All Citizens Programme, 5 partner countries including Czech Republic, Romania, Italy, Lithuania and Germany, are Hearings with migrant workers from various economic sectors.

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The new EU Public Procurement Directive – a step towards better working conditions?

The link between public procurement and good (or bad) working conditions might not be visible at first sight. Nevertheless, in the European Union, the public purchase of goods and services has been estimated to account for 16% of GDP – a significant market that employs many people and is therefore worthy of closer observation in the framework of the Labour Citizenship (LABCIT) project.
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EU Migration Agenda and the much controversial quota system

EU Migration Agenda and the much controversial quota system

The European Commission suggests an immediate increase of the budget for saving lives in the Mediterranean Sea and acknowledges that it is important to put more emphasis on solidarity and open legal paths to protection for refugees into the EU, such as resettlement. This can be understood as genuine effort to solve the current situation. On the other hand, the Commission proposes a number of rathe...
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The Prague Shared and Divided conference: Intercultural memory in the public space

The Prague Shared and Divided conference: Intercultural memory in the public space

29. 4. 15

Place: Impact Hub, Drtinova 557/10, 150 00 Praha
Date: 15th of April from 10:30 – 18:30

On Wednesday, 15 April, Multicultural Center Prague (MKC Prague) held a conference entitled Prague Shared and Divided: Intercultural Memory in the Public Space. MKC's director Marek Čaněk greeted about seventy attendees and presented the Prague Shared and Divided project which focuse...

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The EU is looking for its Smart Borders

The EU is looking for its Smart Borders

The European Commission has proposed the so called “Smart Borders” package[1] in 2013. It includes two main legislative proposals, the Entry/Exit system (EES) and the Registered travelers Programme (RTP). The aim of this proposal primarily was to combat irregular immigration, identify overstayers, and speed up border checks.

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Czech Government Scholarships for Study/Research Stay

18. 3. 15
Deadline: 31 March 2015 Open to: university/college students or graduates and Ph.D. candidates, researchers, teachers Scholarship: EUR 325 – EUR 345 per month
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The ambivalent frame of French naturalization ceremonies

17. 3. 15
There are two directions to current French immigration policy: simultaneously restricting new arrivals and facilitating access to French nationality. In the recent period, the public authorities have focused closely on naturalization. This has led to a significant increase in number of persons naturalized French, and the development of a solemn ceremony for conferring on them the written certifica...

Do Syrian children have to wait their own Winton? Statement on the demonstration for acceptance of Syrian refugees

19. 12. 14
We are calling on the Czech government to reconsider its position on the adoption of Syrian refugees, and permanently relocate at least 15 Syrian children patients and their relatives into the country. It would be a very minimal gesture of solidarity of our country, which completely ignoring the current refugee crisis in the world and in the European Union.
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New report: Integration of migrants in the Czech Republic

18. 11. 14

Migration Policy Institute (MPI) published the report "Building an Integration System: Policies to Support Immigrants' Progression in the Czech Labor Market" by Dušan Drbohlav and Onřej Valenta. The report focuses on integration measures in the Czech Republic with an emphasis on the economic integration of migrants.

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Discovering migration between Visegrad countries and Eastern Partners

5. 11. 14

The publication "Discovering migration between Visegrad countries and Eastern Partners" is focused on migration situation, trends, policies and relationships between countries in east Europe. The publication concludes with recommendations on analysis of statistical data and setting of migration or integration policies.

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Call for abstracts: Challenges of International Migration

10. 10. 14
Regional Studies Department, University of Economics and migrant youth organization Youth Included are jointly organizing the second international conference „Challenges of International Migraiton: Migration and Regional Development in Europe through the Eyes of Young Professionals“, which will take place 10-12 December 2014, in Prague, Czech Republic.
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Voting Rights for EU Citizens Extended in the Czech Republic

Recently, it was declared that EU citizens residing in the Czech Republic have the right to vote in municipal elections. Up until now only those with permanent residency could vote while those with temporary residency could not, which accounts to about 110,000 potential voters excluded from local elections. The Public Defender of Rights advocated for their voting rights in the upcoming municipal e...
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