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Czech Republic

The Czech Republic remains an important country of immigration, although the immigration flows fell sharply in the context of the economic crisis. The main purposes of immigration are family reunification, employment and education. According to official statistics, the total number of immigrants holding a residence permit slightly increased in 2011 to about 434 000, which represented around 4 % of the total population. The major immigrant communities are Ukrainian, Slovak, Vietnamese and Russian. In 2011, the government adopted the Updated Policy for Integration of Immigrants and in 2012 the Procedure of Implementation of the Updated Policy for Integration of Immigrants (Czech only). In terms of legislation, in 2012 the government approved much debated legislative intent of the new legal regulation (Czech only) of entry and residence of foreign citizens in the Czech Republic.

Romanian, Hungarian and Slovak Workers Recruited for a New Season in Czech Forests

24. 5. 11
Prague May 16, 2011 – A number of Czech forestry companies who have been accused of gravely mistreating their migrant employees in the past are currently in the midst of recruiting new workers from Romania, Hungary, and elsewhere for this year’s season. Job agencies in these countries are being contacted by the Czech-based companies to recruit a few hundred workers to do forestry work in different...
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Czech Embassy in Hanoi, Part 2 – Peace and Quiet

The article reports on the situation in front of the building of the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Hanoi, in January 2011, and compares it with the times before the crisis. It describes the impact of regulation measures implemented by the Government on the number of Vietnamese visa applicants, as well as their effect on the perception of the Consular Section by the gener...
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Pitfalls of (Un)Employment of Foreigners in the Czech Republic

3. 5. 11
We would like to draw your attention to a new publication of the Organization for Aid to Refugees (OPU), which informs about a legal framework for employment of foreigners in the Czech Republic. It warns of risks related to irregular work and it offers a list of organisations, which provide advice and assistance to immigrants. The publication is available in English and Russian.
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Czech Protesters March against Exploitation of Migrant Workers in State Forestry

Czech Protesters March against Exploitation of Migrant Workers in State Forestry

7. 4. 11
Initiative for Migrant Workers Rights and Initiative against Racism are supporting migrant workers, who have been abused in Czech state forestry. This press release informs about the March against exploitation of migrant workers in state forestry, which took place on Sunday 27 March in Prague.
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Labor exploitation of Romanian workers in the Czech forestry business

22. 3. 11 Simina Guga
This article was written with the purpose of completing the findings made in the Czech Republic, related to a case of labor exploitation of Slovak and Vietnamese forestry workers. It is based on interviews conducted with several Romanian workers that worked in different regions of the Czech Republic, as well as on a web analysis of published materials related to the case, providing a clearer image...
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