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Migration to the Centre

The international project Migration to the Centre examines how acquis communautaire and other EU instruments influence migration and integration policies and practice in the V4 region (CZ, SK, PL, HU, SL). It brings international comparisons to the situation in each country, promotes cooperation and networking between experts and stakeholders and provides space for migrants´ voice. The project aims to raise awareness and build capacities for participation on the EU policies of migration and integration and their implementation.

The project is covering following topics that are considered crucial within the migration and integration process:

  • Work and the residence permits
  • Family reunification
  • Study / training in EU

The project aims to create an active network of Central European partners focused on migration and integration, to draw attention of policy makers, experts and wider public to similarities and differences in the implementation of EU migration legislation and contribute to the cultivation of the migration debate and create conditions for inclusion of migrants to the debate.

Project partners:

Duration of the project: 9/2012 - 2/2014

Project coordinator:
Alexandra Dubová
Telefon: +420 296 325 346
E-mail: alexandra.dubova@mkc.cz

The project has been generously supported by the European Commission The "Europe for citizens" programme.

Project outputs:

From Central Asia to Slovenia, from Student’s Visa to Permanent Residency

11. 11. 13

By Aigul Hakimova

In Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan I studied at two educational institutions. The first one was a typical university with the usual faculties and curriculum (International University of Kyrgyzstan, faculty of International Relations), while the other was not as common. It was an Invisible college where I studied Philosophy. The Invisible College carried o...

Study / training in EUSlovenia

Summary Text of the National Debate on Study and Training: Social and Political Barriers for non-EU Students in the Czech Republic

Jako členský stát Evropské unie se Česká republika podílí na vytváření evropského systému vyššího vzdělávání. V době globalizace společnosti, která s sebou nese stále intenzivnější procesy migrace, je tato role spjatá s procesy začleňování studentů a studentek přicházejících ze států mimo unii, do evropské spol...
Study / training in EUCzech Republic

Intercultural Education as an Asset for Teaching Migrant Children

Education plays a crucial role in the integration of immigrants into a country. It has a direct effect on labor market integration, and hence on social and cultural integration. According to various statistics, the average education level of migrants in Hungary is higher than that of Hungarians. Even so, intercultural education will play a crucial role in the continued successful education of futu...
Study / training in EUHungary

Russian speaking students (from Russia and Kazakhstan) in Czech Republic

According to Unesco Institute for Statistics, at least 3.6 million students in 2010 were enrolled in tertiary education abroad, up from 2 million in 2000. It’s possible to say, that studying abroad is nowadays trend. Student migration has increased over recent decades and has become one of the major forms of contemporary international mobility (Bhandari and Blumenthal 2009). International stude...
Study / training in EUCzech Republic

Foreign students in Poland

8. 10. 13 Dawid Cegiełka
Poland is facing one of the biggest demographical problems in its modern history. According to the CIA Fact Book, Poland (data on Poland was taken from, among other sources, the Central Office of Statistics (GUS)) is in 212nd place out of 224 countries classified according to total fertility rate. In addition, we can observe a huge wave of migration of young Poles to Western countries (over 2 m...
Study / training in EUPoland

My experience in Poland as a Foreigner

2. 10. 13
Poland is a great country; however, it might be tough for foreigners at first.
Study / training in EUPoland

A good place to study

24. 9. 13
This video is an edited recording of the interviews with students on 1 Oct 2013 by the Center for Independent Journalism called “A Good Place to Study".
Study / training in EUHungary
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