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Labour Migration

Although foreigners have the right to equal treatment in the Czech labour market, in practice, they are more vulnerable for various reasons. In general, access to employment is harder for them, they are paid less for the same work and they tend to be exposed to worse working conditions. At the same time, the migrants' position in the labour market plays a crucial role in their process of integration into society.

The individual texts also address how migrant workers affect the Czech labour market and the impact of their presence on the competitiveness of the local labour force. The whole topic examines these and other often difficult-to-answer questions which labour migration raises.

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Skill shortages, emigration and unemployment in Poland - causes and implications

18. 5. 07
The paper analyses a constellation of factors concerning, on the one hand, the erosion of skills caused by the systemic transition from communism to capitalism, and on the other hand, the failure to create the skills in need in the quantities required. The aim is to explain the co-existence of skill shortages, emigration and high unemployment in Poland. The analysis is mostly based on regional dif...
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Ukrainian and Polish Domestic Workers in Naples – A Case of East-South Migration

5. 2. 07
This paper looks at a recent form of labour migration from East and Central Europe to South Italy. It discusses the case of Ukrainian and Polish domestic workers in the city of Naples as an example of informal and irregular migration. Based on migrant testimonies, it discusses reasons and modes of migration. In contrasting the situation of Polish and Ukrainian women migrants the paper argues that ...
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In the Czech Republic, they call you ‘Mister’ – The Migration of Slovak Roma as a Tactic to Overcome Exclusion

10. 4. 06
Romani people in an Eastern Slovakian village face many forms of exclusion. Since the collapse of socialism, Roma have become more isolated in the process I call territorialisation, the restriction of people’s mobility. There have been a number of tactics to overcome and/or negotiate exclusion and one’s social status. One of the tactics is migration or, with lowering possibilities to migrate due t...
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Ukrainian Labour Migrants - Visibility Through Stereotypes

4. 4. 06
The economic and social conditions in the sending society keep maintaining and reproducing high levels of migration from Ukraine. Using the example of a western Ukrainian town, Ivano-Frankivsk, the paper demonstrates how not only receiving but also sending societies shape their discourses on labour migrants without migrants’ participation and that they do so in such a way that brings them benefits...
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Of Clients and Chereps: The Organisational Structures of Ukrainian Labour Migration

30. 3. 06
Due to solid economic growth, the Czech economy faces increasing labour shortages. The gap between labour supply and demand is partly filled with migrant workers from Ukraine and other former Soviet Republics. Usually paid much less than Czech workers, Ukrainians and Moldovans help to maintain the Czech economy's growth. Despite this economic benefit, citizens of countries of the Commonwealth of I...
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The North Koreans in the Czech Republic: The Silent Workers

30. 3. 06
North Koreans are an invisible minority in the realm of immigrant workers in the Czech Republic. Diligent labourers, their behaviour is monitored and freedom severely limited by constant monitoring and de facto segregation. The Czech authorities consider their stay and work as legal. What underlies the article is the author´s amasement at how such working and living conditions, which at the same t...
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Dumitru Sandu: Patterns of temporary emigration: experiences and intentions at individual and community levels

23. 9. 05
This paper by prof. Dumitru Sandu from Bucharest University examines the patterns of temporary emigration from Romania after 2000. It is a multilevel and multi-capital analysis. Community patterns are the most structured ones but they are context bound. The relationship between community profiles and migration characteristics are a different function of the regional context: emigration patterns ar...
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Reverse effects of restrictive immigration policy. Ukrainian migrants in the Netherlands

9. 5. 05
In this article the findings of small-scale empirical research conducted between March and July 2004, are presented. In total, fifty Ukrainian migrant workers were interviewed. During a 1.5 hour in-depth interview each respondent was asked about his migration history, living and working conditions, personal background, experiences with employers, work permits, visas and other important aspects of ...
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Labour Migrant: Our Savior or Betrayer? Ukrainian discussions concerning labour migration

31. 10. 04
Myroslava Keryk’s article provides insight concerning the current political situation involving Western Ukrainian migrant laborers know as “zarobitchany.” Leaving the Ukraine primarily for Western European countries, these migrants make up about a quarter of the working population in Ukraine. They thus represent a significant group as far as elections and their remittances back to Ukraine are also...
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Circulatory Migration as Life Strategy

24. 8. 04
This study of the sociologist Dumitru Sandu, originally published in Sociologie Româneasc/Romanian Sociology (2/2000), aims at listing the significant characteristics of the Romanians' provisional migration abroad within 2000. The theoretical environment of the herein approach has been set up by means of a reference to the life strategy concepts,to the human capital, to the social capital,to the m...
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