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Migration and the EU

Each European state used to develop its own policies for managing international migration in isolation. This was due to the differences in migration flows, social conditions, and the political environment. Since the 1980s, however, the EU has placed migration and asylum policy within its own integration efforts. Cooperation is already well-developed in the areas of border control, asylum systems and permanent residence permits. Recent years have been characterised by efforts to develop a common system of labour migration management, to deal with irregular migration and to cooperate with third countries in promoting migration and development. Our “Migration and EU” theme critically analyses the extent to which these goals are feasible, whether they are really shared by Member states, and whether European immigration and asylum policies can finally be unified.

The section was created within the project Bringing Awareness of Development Issues into Regions with the support of the European Commission.

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New European institution: European Migration Policy Centre (EMPC)

29. 5. 08
The European Commission announced on 11 March the establishment of a European Migration Policy Centre (EMPC), as a new platform for linking policy-making and research that should open in autumn 2008. The EMPC, which will be set up by the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy, aims at providing policy-makers and other stakeholders with methodologies that address migration governanc...
Migration and the EU

Bordering on a Nightmare? A Commentary on the 2008 “Vision for an EU Border Management System”

10. 5. 08 Fabian Georgi
The new EU Border Package proposes the developments of the FRONTEX border agency, the creation of the European Border Surveillance System (EUROSUR), as well as a new checking system on entry and exit to and from the EU based on biometric data. In the author’s opinion, the EU Border Package only offers a technical solution, without addressing the deeper and more fundamental issues of social, econom...
Migration and the EU Undocumented Migration and Regularisationarticles

Across Fading Borders: The Challenges of East-West Migration in the EU

24. 4. 08

On 14 April 2008 the online journal EUMAP published four new papers on East-West Migration in the EU. EUMAP invited authors to analyse the impact and background of intra-EU mobility and migration, both in the countries of destination and the countries of origin. It is pleased to now present a first set of four papers by independent contributors:

Irina Angelescu: All New Migra...

Migration and the EU

The price of information – Expulsion

1. 4. 08
The text describes the personal experience from February 2008 of a Russian student living in the Czech Republic who was expelled from Germany due to having received incorrect information. The author did not wish to make her name public.
Migration and the EUarticles

The “Global Approach to Migration”: rhetoric or reality?

7. 3. 08
European Policy Center (EPC) policy brief: ‘The “Global Approach to Migration”: rhetoric or reality?’ What has come to be known as the ‘Global Approach to Migration’ heralds a new way of resolving migration dilemmas in Europe, focusing on partnership and dialogue with non-EU countries. This Policy Brief by EPC Policy Analyst Elizabeth Collett argues that the Union currently has neither the compete...
Migration and the EU

Is immigration the saviour of the welfare state? Some sceptical comments on the Irish case

29. 12. 07
Immigration is seen by many as a potential saviour of European welfare states, which are coming under increasing pressure due to the ageing of European societies. This is not just a desire for a greater number of people of working age in the country, but also because of the role that skilled migrants can play in dynamising the European economy, especially through their work in knowledge industrie...
Migration and the EUarticles
Enlargement of the Schengen area and possible consequences for the visa regime towards Ukrainian citizens. A comparative analysis of the Czech and Polish cases.

Enlargement of the Schengen area and possible consequences for the visa regime towards Ukrainian citizens. A comparative analysis of the Czech and Polish cases.

6. 11. 07
The entry of the Czech Republic and Poland into the Schengen area will happen at the end of December 2007. Already before the entry the Czech and Polish Consulates have had difficulties managing all the visa applications submitted by people living in Western Ukraine. To what extent are the current problems related to the entry into the Schengen area and what are the planned changes? This article c...
Migration and the EUarticles

Interview with Dr. Martin Ruhs

22. 5. 07
Dr. Martin Ruhs is a Senior Labour Market Economist at the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), University of Oxford.
Migration and the EUinterviews

The ability of "world city" theory to explain contemporary patterns and processes of intra-European labour migration

22. 5. 07
This paper has one main aim, namely to examine the ability of ‘world city’ theory to account for contemporary patterns of intra-European labour migration. The world city approach has, over the past two decades, proved to be one of the most robust and reliable frameworks through which to understand international migration. However, like all theories it has limitations. The geographical, political a...
Migration and the EUarticles

The Lisbon Agenda and 'Neoliberal Communitarian' Citizenship

16. 3. 07

This article analyses the European Union’s Lisbon Agenda and its relation to changing conceptions of European citizenship in general and social citizenship in particular. It is argued here that the emergence of a ‘neoliberal communitarian’ citizenship model in the context of the Lisbon Agenda Migration and the EUarticles

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