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19. 1. 05
Jakob Hurrle

The Polish-Jewish emigration of 1968 and their view of Poland

Between 1968 – 1971, a group of about 13,000 Poles with a Jewish family background left Poland due to the state-sponsered “Anti-Zionist Campaign.” In this group portrait, Jakob Hurrle shows that they were basically two groups of people who became one group only after 1968 because of a shared fate of rejection and exile. He writes of their different ideas about themselves, their different explanations about what had happened to them in 1968 and how this changed over the course of the years. In order to provide a more lively idea of the events and fates he is writing about, he illustrates this presentation with quotations, taken both from interviews he conducted last year in the New York area and from a number of written sources.
Jakob Hurrle works as the Programme Director at the Multicultural Centre Prague and can be contacted at research(AT)mkc.cz
19. 1. 05

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