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International Conference - Challenges Ahead: Integration of Migrants on the European Labour Market

In the last decades European states developed increasingly selective admission policies for migrants. The migrants’ education, skills and networks became salient factors for the successful movement to a destination country. The “human capital” finds relatively easy a place on the contemporary segmented labour markets. Highly skilled migrants have to compete with native workers for jobs associated with a higher social status, which raises the question whether or not the odds of obtaining that job are fair.

This conference aims to raise debates around several questions, such as: what happens with the unskilled workers? Do migration and mobility within the EU balance out? And what are the prospects of both mobile citizens and migrants on the EU labour market?

We welcome contributions from a variety of disciplines: anthropology, sociology, economy, political sciences etc.

Call for abstracts

date:12. března 2015 (čtvrtek) 00:01 - 13. března 2015 (pátek)
place:Bucharest, Romania
organised by:Centru de Cercetare şi Documentare în Domeniul Integrării Imigranţilor
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