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Unaccompanied Minors in the Migration Process

This study attempts to determine the magnitude of the phenomenon of unaccompanied minors arriving irregularly in the EU, to identify the vulnerable groups and threats, to point out Member States most affected by the phenomenon, determine the main drivers and to develop a mid-term outlook. The phenomenon is approached and analysed mainly from the perspective of a border-control authority with the objective to improve and strengthen border-control measures to provide better protection for children arriving irregularly in the EU.The analysis of the data confirms that despite the global decrease in irregular migration flow affecting the EU, the proportion of unaccompanied minors remains high and is on the rise. The analysis of Frontex operational data also demonstrates a shift from the Western African and Central Mediterranean maritime routes towards the Eastern Mediterranean one. The figures from joint operations in 2010 confirm that while there is an increase in the proportion of unaccompanied minors among detected irregular migrants at EU external borders, it is likely to mean that there is a decrease in absolute numbers.
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