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The relationship between migration status and employment outcomes

The final report of the Undocumented Workers Transitions (UWT) project concluded that in all seven countries (UK, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Spain) there is a trend towards tightening the controls over family reunion, restricting economic migration through quota or special permits systems and containing ‘illegality’. These are accompanied by restrictions on freedom of movement and on the right to work. In all seven countries the researchers observed a growing restrictive regime in relation to welfare rights and to social provision in relation to undocumented migrants, with increasing emphasis on the denial of basic rights, including healthcare rights. At the same time the researchers find that these restrictive regimes have not halted undocumented migration. With testimonies taken from more than 200 workers who are or who have been undocumented, and with interviews with national and European experts in migration, the researchers have concluded that the measures taken by the seven states have meant that workers without papers have been driven into the most marginal and dangerous jobs, but that the imperative for them to seek work makes even these difficult conditions ‘acceptable’.
The document can be downloaded here (pdf)
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