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12. 12. 11

The European Commission migration policy package

The European Commission has released a migration policy package which includes Communication on The Global Approach to Migration and Mobility and Staff Working Paper on Migration and Development.

In reaction among others to the events of the Arab spring, the Commission is proposing a more strategic policy on migration and mobility, one which benefits the EU, source countries and migrants. The plan calls for closer cooperation with non-EU countries and would align measures on migration and mobility with EU policies on external relations, development cooperation, education, growth and job creation. Focusing strongly on legal migration and visa policies, the EU plans to offer to ease or lift visa restrictions when partner countries achieve agreed benchmarks, including in areas such as migration, asylum and border placement.

Priority will now be given to two main operational frameworks: Firstly, Mobility Partnerships will be offered to the EU's immediate Neighbourhood and to Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt in the first instance. Mobility partnerships offer a concrete framework for dialogue and cooperation between the EU and non-EU countries. These partnerships are focused on facilitating and organizing legal migration, effective and humane measures to address irregular migration, and concrete steps towards reinforcing the development outcomes of migration. Concluding visa facilitation and readmission agreements are to be part of these partnerships.

For other countries, the Commission proposes to set up Common Agendas on Migration and Mobility that will constitute an advanced level of cooperation, based on a number of common recommendations, targets and commitments for dialogue and cooperation. Migration and Mobility Resource Centers will be set up to provide resources and support to individuals and partner countries in the areas of skills and labour matching. The online EU Immigration Portal launched today will, in addition, help migrants to make more informed choices about migration and mobility towards the EU.

A Global Approach Report will now be prepared every two years, starting from June 2013, in order to monitor implementation and ensure progress.

You can also look at the FAQs about strategic dialogue and partnership with non-EU countries here.

Concrete examples of cooperation with non-EU countries in the Global Approach to Migration and Mobility (GAMM) can be found here.

12. 12. 11

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