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Review of safety resources for recent immigrants entering the Canadian workforce (2011)

The purpose of this study was to examine the services, programs and resources available to newcomers to Canada that focus on employment standards, occupational health & safety and workers‟ compensation. The authors reviewed local resources available through community organizations, employers, settlement groups and unions, as well as resources available through provincial and federal prevention agencies and workers‟ compensation boards. In this report authors discuss trends in the types of resources available, identify important gaps and highlight case studies of programs that present interesting opportunities for providing this information to newcomers.

The study examined 421 websites across Canada and found a total of 224 resources that met the search criteria. The greatest numbers of resources were found in the province of Ontario, followed by British Columbia and Manitoba. Very few resources were found in the Atlantic provinces and in the North. The study also found few resources in the province of Quebec despite the fact that there were many organizations/websites that catered to newcomers in the province.

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