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8. 1. 08
Louise Ryan, Rosemary Sales, Mary Tilki, Bernadetta Siara

Recent Polish Migrants in London: Social networks, transience and settlement

Based on the findings of a qualitative study of recent Polish migrants in London, this report focuses on social networks, family strategies and planning for the future. The research challenges assumptions of transience and suggests that Polish migrants may be showing signs of extending their stay in Britain. Moreover, it confirms that migrant women are more likely than men to develop personal and household strategies consistent with long–term or permanent settlement abroad. Our research also highlights the variety and dynamism of family migration strategies and women’s active agency in family decision-making.
Louise Ryan, Senior Research Fellow and Deputy Head of the Social Policy Research Centre, was principal investigator on this study. Rosemary Sales, Professor of Social Policy and Head of the Social Policy Research Centre, and Mary Tilki, Principal Lecturer, were co-applicants. Bernadetta Siara was the research fellow employed to work on this study.
The Social Policy Research Centre, located at Middlesex University, London, UK, actively promotes interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research and encompasses the extensive experience of research centre staff who work within a national and international context. The centre's main areas of interest are migration, refugees and citizenship, urban policy, regeneration and communities, drug and alcohol studies, human security and human rights.
8. 1. 08

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