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Modern Slavery in the United Kingdom (a review, 2007)

2007 marks the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade in the UK. Slavery, however, continues and is commonplace across the world. Thousands of people are estimated to be working as slaves within the UK, in highly exploitative conditions, with no rights, and under threat of violence.

This is the first comprehensive review of the current extent of slavery in the UK and the different forms it takes, such as trafficking for sexual or domestic labour, forced labour or debt bondage. It draws on published material and websites, reports from agencies developing policy or delivering services to those affected by slavery, and interviews with key personnel in a range of agencies.

The review looks at:

  • Defining the nature and scope of modern slavery
  • The international context
  • Slavery in the UK and the current situation here
  • Sexual trafficking

It concludes with recommendations for action at the international, national and legislative level, for service delivery and for further research.

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