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10. 6. 04
Dusan Drbohlav

Migration Trends - Vol. II - The Czech Republic

This study provides a relatively complex overview of what is currently (mainly between 1997 and 2001 or 2002) going on in the field of international migration and investigates the various integration issues that immigrants face in the Czech Republic. Migratory trends (their materialization in reality) and their conditions, the impact of migration upon society, and questions about migration policies and practices, including policy implications/ recommendations, are presented. The study also gives a brief look at a specific issue: foreign children and their integration in Czech schools and Czech society (see Appendix I). The results presented here are based on 1) the author's experience, 2) secondary sources ("hard data" statistics and various studies) and 3) "soft" subjective pieces of information collected from 30 interviewed experts (specialists in migration/integration issues). Through its "added value," this method serves to either confirm/verify or refuse patterns and trends that have already been explained. This method also serves to illuminate new perspectives. Experts´ opinions are always presented below in italics and marked with the abbreviation "No." and identification numbers (to connect them with particular persons - see the Appendix II). For an regional and subregional overview of the Czech Republic, please see the maps in the Appendix III.
10. 6. 04
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