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30. 3. 06
Alice Szczepanikova, Marek Canek, Jan Grill
Zdroj: migrationonline.cz

Migration Processes in Central and Eastern Europe: Unpacking the Diversity

The publication released by the Multicultural Center Prague looks into various, previously unexplored aspects of migration processes in the region, making them available to an English-reading audience. It originated from a series of papers presented at the Workshop on Developments and Patterns of Migration Processes in Central and Eastern Europe organised at the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University in Prague in August 2005.

The institutional and policy developments in the field of migration and asylum have been shaped by the expansion of the European Union towards the East as well as by the dynamics of migration and refugee flows, including their perceptions, in respective nation-states. Diverse strategies and practices both on the part of migrants and local populations have emerged in response to the efforts to control and organise migration in the region. The topics of articles range from the Duldung trauma of Bosnian refugees in Berlin, the impact of EU enlargement on Moldova´s ‘three and a half’ borders, mobility of German retirees to Hungary, exploitation of Ukrainian labour migrants in the Czech Republic to comparisons of internal and international migration of Bulgarian Muslims.

The fourteen articles accompanied by interviews with representatives of non-governmental organisations are organised in the four following sections: Construction of Borders and Practices of Labour Migration; Migration through Gender, Age and Class Perspectives; Refugees in Central and Eastern Europe; Normative and Methodological Discussion of Migration and Integration.

The publication edited by Alice Szczepaniková, Marek Čaněk and Jan Grill is available online at www.migrationline.cz, a specialised website on migration in Central and Eastern Europe.

30. 3. 06
Zdroj: migrationonline.cz

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