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11. 6. 04
Dusan Drbohlav

International migration of people – movement and residency

What are the paths and choices in the global labyrinth that is international migration? Where do the paths intersect, where do they diverge and where do they lead? What are the dynamics of today’s migratory processes? All these questions are answered in this wide-ranging study. The study starts with an overview of what determines the forms of today’s migration including carefully selected and illustrative global data. The following parts deal with issues of motivation behind migration, state and international regulation of migration and influence that migration has on development of human and social capital. A crucial portion of the study analyzes the impetuses of international migration which, according to the author, lie in the link between economic development of the developed world and the deepening social and economic problems of poor countries. The text ends with a global comparison and evaluation of adaptive and integrating forces of migration.

The essay has been published in “Minorities and migrants in the Czech Republic”
11. 6. 04

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