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11. 6. 04
Petr Hava, Nadezda Kreckova-Tumova

Healthcare provided to foreigners in the Czech Republic: an analysis (Support of foreigners’ integration in the Czech Republic)

This comprehensive and complex study starts with an overview of institutions, policies and main issues related to the provision of healthcare to foreigners. The introduction is followed by an analysis of developments in migration and integration programs in the EU and the Czech Republic. The general part of the study also features an analysis of national and international legal instruments and defines the fundamental problems in the area of healthcare for foreigners. The analytical part of the study culminates with an analysis of the specific issues related to healthcare provision to asylum applicants and of the needs of foreigners and their utilization of healthcare in the Czech Republic (including statistics on the health of foreigners/migrants).
The authors gathered empirical data through sociological pilot research and semi-standardized interviews with foreigners and healthcare experts working with foreigners. The empirical part of the study also contains an overview of subjective opinions about healthcare provision held by foreigners. This part of the study was conceived as a pilot for potential follow-up projects, in particular the creation of a booklet containing information for foreigners.
The study also contains a list and brief descriptions of Internet resources on healthcare provision to foreigners in the Czech Republic. The resources are compared to corresponding resources in a number of European countries.
There is also an independent case study dealing with the living conditions of migrant workers coming to the Czech Republic from Ruthenia.
11. 6. 04
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