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Fomacs Retrospective - The Story So Far

The Forum on Migration and Communications is introducing an online publication featuring a portfolio of our creative arts and media projects, forged in collaboration with diverse public partners and civil society networks during the last four years.

The publication is framed as a case study, and should allow you to retrospectively explore FOMACS' distinctive approach to migration and social justice, and experience a wide range of educational and creative outputs.

The FOMACS Retrospective - The Story So Far works with creative storytelling using a combination of photograph, video and text. The publication is divided into four main sections drawn from the original case study: Living Archive, Learning Communities, Politics of Storytelling, Lessons on a Journey. Each section is designed to give you a sample of media content from different projects. What you see, hear and read in this case study are snapshots of projects demonstrating how FOMACS builds cross-sector collaborations with national and transnational partners, using the creative arts and digital media as a catalyst for social change, advocacy and educational transformation.

This online case study, FOMACS Retrospective – The Story So Far, commissioned by our seed funder Atlantic Philanthropies, is based on a comprehensive evaluation conducted by South African-based researcher, Helene Perold, when she visited FOMACS in 2009.

We invite you to look, listen and read about a unique way of working developed over several years by FOMACS, its collaborators and expanding networks.

Click here to access: http://www.fomacsretrospective.org/



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