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Experiences of Forced Labour among Chinese Migrant Workers (2011)

This report reveals the experiences of Chinese migrant workers in the UK. It looks at forced labour and exploitation, the role of family and social relationships, and how far migrants are able to exercise control over their lives. Many Chinese migrants seek work in the UK, in the context of increased globalisation and economic changes in China. However, the UK Government aims to stem the admission of unskilled migrant workers from outside the EU and to tackle forced labour and exploitative working conditions.

The report:

  • outlines contemporary patterns of migration for work from China to the UK;
  • explores the complex relationship between migration, work and family;
  • employs a continuum of exploitation (from decent work to forced labour) to describe the working conditions and patterns of employment of Chinese migrant workers in the UK;
  • considers those factors that render low-skilled migrant workers from China vulnerable to forced labour; and
  • identifies actions that can be taken by government, civil society organisations, trade unions and employers.
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