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Employees Beyond Borders - Czech Republic

Research results: Employment of foreigners – impact of the Employers Sanctions Directive in practice

The report is summarizing the research among employers, employment agencies and other stakeholders as regards their view on the Employers` Sanctions Directive in the Czech Republic. The report was concluded by 31.03.2014 and is not updated with the information regarding the Single Permit Directive.

The study is available in the For Download section.

Marie Jelínková


PhDr. Marie Jelínková Ph.D., works as a researcher at the Center for Social and Economic Strategies of the Faculty of Social Sciences in Prague and externally lectures on international migration at the same faculty. In her research she focuses on the issues of migration and integration of people with migration background, she has focused in detail on the situation of persons without a residence permit, access of migrants to health care or labor exploitation. She defended her dissertation thesis on the issue of Mongol migration to the Czech Republic. She studied at FSV UK and at the University of Queensland. In the past, she has also worked as editor of the migraceonline.cz portal.

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