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24. 8. 04
Dumitru Sandu

Circulatory Migration as Life Strategy

This study of the sociologist Dumitru Sandu, originally published in Sociologie Româneasc/Romanian Sociology (2/2000), aims at listing the significant characteristics of the Romanians' provisional migration abroad within 2000. The theoretical environment of the herein approach has been set up by means of a reference to the life strategy concepts,to the human capital, to the social capital,to the material capital, to the community related capital and innovation spreading means. The strategies with respect to the international circulatory migration are more and more relied upon,within the framework of the pauperization, globalization and of the structuring of the international circulatory networks. The provisional external migration is strongly marked by a positive selectivity, by the differentiation between rural-urban concepts and by the alteration of the characteristics in compliance with the 'waves'of the social innovation spreading process which consists of the fulfillment of the life objectives by means of the international circulatory migration. The community oriented social capital, with ethnic and religious origins, plays a significant role within the first stages of the emigration from the community abroad. For the purpose of the analysis, it was a good idea to use the national survey data,community focused studies, multilevel approaches.
24. 8. 04

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