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Book of Solidarity: Providing Assistance to Undocumented Migrants (Volumes I-III) (2002-2003)

This three-volume series brings to light the solidarity extended to undocumented migrants in selected Member States of the European Union. Undocumented migrants residing in Europe are socially excluded and very vulnerable to marginalization. Europe needs and makes use of the labor of undocumented migrants, but is at the same time not willing to give any rewards for their contributions. Undocumented migration is fought in many ways. The many citizens and civil organizations that are providing assistance to this vulnerable group in society are highlighted. The examples of assistance presented in the three volumes focus on undocumented migrants’ access to basic social rights such as health care, housing, employment rights, education, legal advice and assistance. In these fields both direct assistance is provided and structural work is done.

The Volume I. can be downloaded here (pdf).

The Volume II. can be downloaded here (pdf).

The Volume III. can be downloaded here (pdf).

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