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20. 4. 09
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Annual Overview of International Migration in Central and Eastern Europe - 2008

MigrationOnline.cz has published brief overviews on events in the field of migration that happened in the course of the last year in selected Central European and Eastern European states. Contributions from seven countries help to characterise developments in the field of labour migration and asylum in 2008. In this year, changes concerning asylum and migration legislatives took place in many countries, and the consequences of the entry of some countries into the Schengen agreement became evident. All the contributions consider the topic of the financial crisis and the different ways that it has affected labour migration, whether on the political, economical or social level. Although individual contributions do not provide an exhaustive overview, as a whole they provide the reader with an interesting perspective on the reality of migration in Central and Eastern European countries.

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The Czech Republic

20. 4. 09
Zdroj: migrationonline.cz
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