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Act on Residence of Aliens on the Territory of the Czech Republic and Amendments to other Acts (No. 326/1999) of 30 November 1999

The Act on Residence of Aliens defines aliens as all physical persons who are not citizens of the Czech Republic. This act does not cover asylum seekers and people who have applied for asylum. In contrast, the act covers EU citizens who enjoy more favorable conditions when applying for temporary and permanent residency as a result of the 2002 EU-harmonization amendment. Since 1999, residence of aliens may only be permanent – in all other cases, aliens must hold a visa for up to or more than 90 days. A residence permit becomes invalid when its alien holder is granted Czech citizenship, or is expelled or dies. Section 13 specifies the funds that aliens are required to posses to reside in the Czech Republic. The act also lists the conditions for granting, extending and canceling visas for up to 90 days (Section 27), visas for more than 90 days (Section 31), visas to allow exceptional leave to remain (Section 35) and temporary protection visas (Section 40). Chapter IV deals with the conditions of permanent residency. Chapter IX covers travel documents and travel IDs. The Act on Residence of Aliens allows for administrative expulsion (Chapter X); for the purposes of such expulsion, temporary leave to remain on the territory also means an illegal stay of aliens on the territory or a stay in the transit area of an international airport. Chapter XVI defines the division of powers within the government, i.e. the Immigration Police, Border Police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Provisions concerning administrative proceedings and judicial review are included in Chapter XVII.
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