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24. 4. 08
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Across Fading Borders: The Challenges of East-West Migration in the EU

On 14 April 2008 the online journal EUMAP published four new papers on East-West Migration in the EU. EUMAP invited authors to analyse the impact and background of intra-EU mobility and migration, both in the countries of destination and the countries of origin. It is pleased to now present a first set of four papers by independent contributors:

Irina Angelescu: All New Migration Debates Commence in Rome: New Developments in the Securitization of Migration in the EU

Pavla Cekalova: 'At Least They Are the Right Colour': East to West Migration in Europe, Seen from the Perspective of the British Press

Simon Fellmer: Germany Restricted the Freedom of Movement for Polish Citizens – but Does It Matter?

Sînziana-Elena Poiană: From Learners to Teachers: Human Capital Accumulation among the Romanian Migrant Workers in the UK

The texts are available here.

24. 4. 08
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