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12. 3. 16

On Monday 4th of April 2016, SOLIDAR and its partner Multicultural Center Prague (MKC Prague) held a conference to present five country reports on labour rights violations from the LABCIT project and to present SOLIDAR’s vision of high social safeguards. 

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The human cost of Fortress Europe: human rights violations against migrants and refugees at Europe’s borders

The human cost of Fortress Europe: human rights violations against migrants and refugees at Europe’s borders

2. 10. 14
Study from Amnesty International points to erroneous migration policy of European Union and to human suffering on the edge of the "Fortress Europe". Costs of protection of external EU borders against irregular migration are high and protective measures often leads to serious violations of human rights.
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Free Movement of Workers in the European Union in the Context of the Amended Directive on the Posting of Workers

The subject of the article is migration within the European Union and the current problems associated with this migration. A summary of the situation in the countries which are the most important sources of EU migration is followed by a reflection on the form of the new Posting of Workers Enforcement Directive. The author draws also on the output and related materials of the German Trade Union Fed...
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