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Utilizing migrant’s potential

The main goal of the project is to empower migrants to participate in the Czech labour market and to utilize their skills and qualification in order to meet both their needs and Czech market demands.

The project is based on a close cooperation between partner organizations from Austria, Italy and Germany. Through the cooperation good practice and experience from abroad will be transferred, exchanged, and implemented in the Czech Republic.

The project aims to (1) identify barriers to migrants ‘participation in particular segments of labour market , and to (2) develop effective tools for promoting migrants‘ vertical mobility and utilizing their skills and competences on the Czech labour market

The projects analytical outcomes will be delivered and put into practice in order to reach following specific goals:

(a) Improving counselling services for migrants through:

  • Designing new methodology/work book for social workers in counselling services for migrants
  • Organizing seminars for regional counselling providers
  • Creation of a web portal (e-learning)

(b) Raising migrants’ awareness by:

  • Organizing informational campaign on improving counselling services
  • Encouraging Labour Unions in active participation in migrants ‘counselling services

(c) Simplification of foreign education recognition by:

  • Facilitation both legislative and practice of foreign education recognition
  • Creating an user friendly web portal on the process of foreign education recognition — http://nostrifikace.mkc.cz/

(d) Influence policy making by:

  • Presenting 8 regional reports on 8 round tables
  • Organizing two international conferences
  • Raising awareness of the Czech and international context

Project target groups: migrants, regional integration centres, employment services, local NGOs, Labour offices and employers in eight regions of the Czech Republic.

The project partners:

Project duration: December 2012 - November 2014.

Project coordinator:

Daniela Pěničková

Telefon: +420 296 325 345

E-mail: daniela.penickova@mkc.cz

Team members:

This project is supported by the European Social Fund in the Czech Republic via the OP LZZ program. MKC - logo European Web Site on Integration Migration to the Centre slogan_ang_cmyk_ver4_150dpi.jpg

Project outputs:

Recognition of education: A conference on the validation of migrants' education in the Czech Republic

4. 8. 14
On Tuesday, March 17, 2014, the Multicultural Center in Prague held a conference entitled: On the validation of migrants' education in the Czech Republic. It was held on the occasion of launching a new online information portal which is meant to assist foreigners with the recognition of education received abroad. After the presentation of an analysis and a panel discussion, a full auditorium of th...
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