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Visawatch - what is the situation on Czech consulates and embassies?

The project about Czech visa policy focuses particularly on three countries - Ukraine, Vietnam and Mongolia. These countries represent important source countries of immigration to the Czech Republic; however local functioning of the Czech diplomatic missions is rather problematic.

The emphasis is on analysis and evaluation of the situation in the selected countries of origin, with the aim of increasing general awareness of the visa issue, to point to the main problems connected with visas and create a space for their consideration. Information about the issue of visa issuing will be presented on migraceonline.cz and eventually in the Czech media.

Activities of the project:
  • Reportages about the current situation in consulates and embassies in the selected countries.
  • Interviews with visa applicants, diplomatic mission employees, middlemen, etc.
  • Expert articles.
  • Blogs and commentaries.
  • Public debate and final conference.

Duration of the project: 9/2009 - 3/2011

Coordinator of project in the Czech Republic:
Lucie Trlifajová
Phone: (+420) 296 325 345
E-mail: lucie.trlifajova@mkc.cz

The project is supported by the CEE Trust.

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