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The "New Alien Act" Project

The project focuses on the sustainability and improvement of immigrants rights. The process of approval of the New Alien Act in the Czech Republic started in the summer of 2011. The project uses the unique possibility to influence the final outcome. Aiming to establish long-term cooperation, the project team (consisting of people from three migrant NGOs) will seek to find out about the positions of academic institutions and business sector towards (a) the Alien Act and its implementation and (b) the New Alien Act that is being prepared. Secondly, common key issues on (current and new) Alien Act among these three sectors will be identified. Thirdly, the project will initiate several meetings with key politicians and policy-makers to inform them about these findings. Furthermore, other channels, such as comments on legislative proposals, policy briefs, publicity of the topic in the etc. will be used to influence the new legislation.

Duration of the project: 10/2011 - 4/2012

Coordinator of the project in the Czech Republic:
Marie Jelínková
Tel: (+420) 296 325 346

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