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Prevention of Xenophobia and Support of Civil Society in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The educational project aims on increasing capacities of teachers at secondary schools and activization of young people and prevention of ethnonationalism.

It is situated in Hercegovina-Neretva Canton, esp. the cities of Mostar, Jablanica, Stolac, Prozor-Rama, Čitluk, Čapljina etc., and in the etnically divided schools (two schools under one roof, as well as the monoethnical schools.

The project activities are thus targeted on teachers of secondary schools, concretely on providing them with tools on inclusive education so that they have concrete methods that can be used in schools.

Methodological Book for Teachers of Last Grades of Primary School and Secondary Schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be downloaded here.

The duration: January 2014 – December 2014

Project coordinator: Lucie Bilderová

E-mail: lucie.bilderova@mkc.cz

The project is run by Multicultural Centre Prague in collaboration with Nansen Dialogue Centar Mostar (http://www.nansen-dialogue.net/ndcmostar/) and it is supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic in the framework of Transition Promotion Programme. 

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