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Not in our Countries? Refugees, Asylum and Fundamental Rights Education in Youth work

The project contributes to further development of the educational discourse between Czech and German educators in the field of Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education (EDC/HRE). It will, in particular, focus on common exploration of strategies, concepts and educational tools of citizenship education of young people in relation to the European discussion on Migration, Refugees ad Asylum.
The project includes a series of 3 workshops in both countries:
  • Workshop 1, 4 – 7.4.2016 at Brücke Most Zentrum, Dresden
  • Workshop 2, 30.6- 3.7.2016 at the educational Centre Toulcuv Dvur, Prague
  • Workshop 3, 7-11.09.2016 at Hochdrei, Potsdam

The participants (20 in total) will come from the field of educational NGOs working with non-formal citizenship and human rights education for young people.

During the workshops we will use a variety of methodical approaches for deepening the dialogue: online brainstorming, future labs, site visits, group discussions, debates with resource persons in Germany and the Czech Republic, involving policy making level and research.

The duration of the project: 1.1. 2016 - 30.11. 2016
Contact: natallia.allen@mkc.cz

Partner organization:
Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungsstätten (AdB) e.V.

Cooperation Partners:
Koordinierungszentrum deutsch-tschechischer Jugendaustausch - Tandem Regensburg  
Brücke Most Stiftung/Nadáce Brücke-Most

This document was written in the framework of the project Not in our Countries? Refugees, Asylum and Fundamental Rights Education in Youth work, financed by Erasmus+ program, in cooperation with Tandem Regensburg.

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