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Migration Policy in Crisis

This project of the Multicultural Center Prague and the Counselling Centre for Citizenship, Civil and Human Rights is focused on labour migration in the Czech Republic. There are two different but complementary activities in this project. First, the project is dealing with the position of labour agencies on the Czech labour market. Second, the visa issuing process and access to information at Czech embassies and consular offices is monitored. The aim of the project is the evaluation of the role of all stakeholders involved in labour migration to the Czech Republic, especially labour agencies and Czech embassies abroad. Promotion of the project's outputs through public media is also an important part of the project realized in close cooperation with La Strada, another NGO working in this field.

Duration of the project: 5/2009 - 12/2009

Project coordinator:
Tereza Saková
Phone: (+420) 296 325 345

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