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The European project 'Media4Me' is a partnerhip project of Multicultural Centre Prague. Its main aim is social integration of migrants and greater intecultural dialog within community. The project aims at supporting a use of social media among local organisations and members of the community, so that they can present their activities better and thus to contribute to greater social integration.

Activities of the project:
  • Research on social integration in two neighbourhoods in Prague.
  • Use of the project methodology 'Social Media Game' to support community dialog and to strenghten integration within community.
  • Training for stakeholders.
  • National seminars.
  • International conference.

Duration of the project: 2/2011 - 3/2013

Coordinator of the project in the Czech Republic:
Denisa Udžanová
Tel: (+420) 296 325 346

The project is supported by the European Commission.

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